ANNAPOLIS, MD — In a significant move to support childcare providers across Maryland, Governor Wes Moore announced today that 67 childcare facilities have been awarded a total of $11.5 million through the inaugural round of the Child Care Capital Support Revolving Loan Fund. The fund, administered by the Maryland Department of Commerce in collaboration with the Maryland State Department of Education, aims to offer no-interest loans for capital expenses to licensed childcare providers participating in the Child Care Scholarship Program.

Recognizing the importance of accessible and high-quality childcare services, Governor Moore stated, “Childcare providers all across our state need funding to support access to their critical services. The Child Care Capital Support Fund will also help ensure that Maryland’s families have access to high-quality child care and Maryland’s children will have access to more learning opportunities.”

To be eligible for the fund, childcare providers must hold a license from the Maryland State Department of Education and participate in the Child Care Scholarship Program. The allocated funds are strictly designated for capital expenses for childcare facilities. This includes purchasing existing facilities, constructing new buildings, and expanding or renovating existing facilities. However, the loans may not be utilized for working capital or operational expenses.

Expressing satisfaction at awarding the initial round of funding, Maryland Department of Commerce Secretary Kevin Anderson said, “We are very pleased to award this first round of funding to our childcare providers to help them improve or expand their facilities or construct a new building to serve their communities better. Over the past few years, we have seen a need, particularly in our rural and underserved areas, for child care providers to expand their capacity, and we are hopeful this fund will help to alleviate those challenges.”

Maryland State Superintendent Mohammed Choudhury also highlighted the importance of early childhood education opportunities for all children. He stated, “The Blueprint for Maryland’s Future emphasizes equitable early childhood education opportunities that prepare all children for success. We must continue to urgently move the needle through creative grant-making, engagement with stakeholders, and investing in high-quality strategies and initiatives to support child-care providers. The Child Care Capital Support Loan fund is an excellent complement to our existing efforts. We must continue to find opportunities to support and strengthen Maryland’s child-care system so every family across the State, regardless of zip code or income, can access high-quality early childhood education programs.”

The establishment of the Child Care Capital Support Revolving Loan Fund was authorized during the 2022 General Assembly, demonstrating the state’s commitment to addressing the challenges childcare providers face and ensuring access to quality childcare services. With this initial disbursement of $11.5 million, the fund aims to empower childcare facilities to enhance their infrastructure and expand their capacity, particularly in rural and underserved areas of Maryland.

Childcare providers play a vital role in the development and well-being of children, and these loans will undoubtedly provide them with the much-needed financial support to upgrade their facilities. By investing in early childhood education programs, Maryland is taking proactive measures to promote educational equity and ensure that every child in the state has access to high-quality child care, regardless of zip code or income level.

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