Mechanicsville, MD – A St. Mary’s County woman is celebrating a stroke of luck after winning a hefty $50,000 prize while playing the $30 Cash is King scratch-off game. Kimberly Shaw and her husband, Colby, enjoyed an entertaining evening at the Moose Lodge #495 in Mechanicsville when fortune smiled upon her.

A St. Mary’s County banker, Kimberly Shaw and her husband Colby, add $50,000 to their bank account after playing the $30 Cash is King scratch-off. Credit: Maryland Lottery

On a Tuesday evening, Kimberly and Colby were engrossed in various games at the lodge. In a spur-of-the-moment decision, Kimberly purchased a $20 FAST PLAY ticket from the Lottery Vending Machine, instantly winning $40. Encouraged by her small victory, she reinvested her winnings and purchased another FAST PLAY ticket and a scratch-off game. To her delight, she accumulated a total of $90. Faced with deciding to pocket the money or continue playing, Kimberly sought her husband’s advice.

“Who puts $90 in a Lottery machine?” Kimberly mused, contemplating her options. However, she took her chances and turned to Colby for guidance. Colby suggested she purchase a $30 game and utilize the remaining funds for other games.

Following her husband’s advice, Kimberly acquired a $30 Cash is King scratch-off ticket and various other games. She scratched the ticket at the lodge, revealing a string of astonishing numbers and symbols.

“The first number I scratched was a match for $5,000,” Kimberly recalled, her excitement building. Overwhelmed, she clutched the ticket to her chest, whispering about her newfound fortune to her husband. The surprises continued as she unveiled another $5,000 and a symbol indicating a $10,000 win, bringing her total winnings to an astounding $20,000. Initially believing it was all an elaborate joke, Kimberly still had more games to play. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Colby scanned the ticket, discovering that their luck had multiplied exponentially. It was not a $20,000 win but an incredible $50,000 victory.

“I had to scan it twice,” Colby admitted, his skepticism replaced by sheer disbelief. Confirmation came when the bartender informed the couple that their prize was too substantial to be claimed there. Without causing a scene, Kimberly swiftly signed the back of the ticket, and the couple discreetly left the lodge, heading home.

The following day, wasting no time, Kimberly and Colby journeyed to Lottery Headquarters to claim their prize. During the visit, Kimberly assured Lottery Officials that she had no immediate plans for the $50,000 windfall.

The $30 Cash is King scratch-off game, launched in September of the previous year, offers a top prize of $2 million. There are still two $2 million prizes up for grabs. Three $50,000 prizes and four $10,000 prizes remain, along with multiple other prizes ranging from $30 to $5,000.

Kimberly Shaw’s remarkable win is a testament to the unpredictability of lottery games and the potential for life-changing rewards. As she relishes her $50,000 triumph, others are left eagerly anticipating their chance at fortune through the Cash is King scratch-off game.

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