July 26, 2023 (Chesapeake Beach, MD) – The Town of Chesapeake Beach bids farewell to Chris Jakubiak, AICP, as he embarks on his new journey as the Director of Planning for the City of Annapolis. Over the years, Mr. Jakubiak has played a pivotal role in shaping the town’s planning and zoning landscape, leaving behind a legacy that will be remembered for years.

Having served as the Town’s Planning and Zoning Administrator since 2012, Mr. Jakubiak’s contributions to the community stretch back even further. In 2002, his firm, Jakubiak & Associates, Inc., prepared the Town’s Comprehensive Plan, a visionary roadmap for 2020. The plan’s excellence was recognized when it received the Outstanding Plan in Maryland Award for 2002-2003 from the Maryland Chapter of the American Planning Association, an honor directly attributed to Mr. Jakubiak’s expertise and dedication.

Furthermore, Mr. Jakubiak played an instrumental role in securing funding for completing the Chesapeake Beach Railway Trail. His involvement included meticulous planning of the trail alignment, skillful negotiation of public access easements, and overall project management. Additionally, he spearheaded the efforts to update the zoning ordinance and adopt a new zoning map aligned with the Town’s goals for 2020.

The wealth of Mr. Jakubiak’s experience, spanning more than three decades, has been invaluable to the Town’s recent endeavors. Under his guidance, the Planning and Zoning Commission, Board of Appeals, Coastal Resiliency Steering Committee, and Town Council navigated significant adjustments to future development density, preserving natural areas and promoting coastal resiliency. These achievements culminated in adopting of the forward-looking 2040 Comprehensive Plan and the Coastal Resiliency Plan, which will safeguard the town’s future against potential challenges.

Mayor Patrick J. “Irish” Mahoney expressed his gratitude, acknowledging their challenges and praising Mr. Jakubiak’s steady, professional, and transparent advisement throughout the process. The Mayor and the entire Town Council wished him the best in his new role in Annapolis.

Town Administrator Holly K. Wahl also praised Mr. Jakubiak, acknowledging his indelible impact on Chesapeake Beach. His efforts will be remembered for enduring influence on the town’s growth and development.

While Mr. Jakubiak’s departure will be deeply felt in Chesapeake Beach, he will continue serving the town as the Planning & Zoning Administrator until August 2023. In the coming week, the Town of Chesapeake Beach will release information regarding plans for filling this significant role, ensuring a seamless transition and the continued pursuit of a prosperous future for the community.

As Chesapeake Beach says farewell to a seasoned planner and visionary leader, Annapolis eagerly anticipates the positive contributions Mr. Jakubiak will make to their city. With an impressive track record and a dedication to thoughtful planning, he is poised to leave an indelible mark on Annapolis as he did in Chesapeake Beach.

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