To enhance safety at the busy MD 2/4 (Solomons Island Road/Harrow Lane) intersection, the Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration (MDOT SHA) is set to implement a one-day project starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, August 2. The project will involve restricting northbound left-turn movements at the median crossover. The restriction will be in place by 3 p.m. the same day, weather permitting.

To achieve this safety enhancement, crews from the State Highway Administration’s maintenance division will install a temporary raised curb channeling system with posts, effectively closing the northbound MD 2/4 left-turn lane. While this may cause temporary inconvenience for motorists, the MDOT SHA assures that the nearby signalized intersections can perform left-turn and U-turn movements, ensuring access to area businesses is maintained.

Safety remains a top priority for the State Highway Administration, and the decision to restrict left-turn movements is driven by their commitment to maintaining a safe and reliable highway system. The intersection in question has been a focal point for traffic-related concerns, and this project aims to address those issues.

During the one-day work zone operation, drivers will encounter arrow boards, cones, and barrels, all strategically placed by the maintenance crews to ensure a safe and orderly flow of traffic through the area. The State Highway Administration urges all motorists to exercise caution and adhere to reduced speed limits within the work zone to ensure the safety of both drivers and construction personnel.

The MDOT SHA aims to mitigate potential accidents and enhance traffic operations in the area by restricting left-turn movements at the median crossover. The decision comes after thoroughly analyzing traffic patterns, accident data, and input from local stakeholders.

Crews will closely monitor traffic operations during the implementation of the restriction to assess its effectiveness and make any necessary adjustments. The State Highway Administration remains open to feedback from the public and will consider further improvements if deemed necessary.

While the project’s timeframe is limited to a single day, the benefits of this safety enhancement are expected to be long-lasting. Improved traffic flow and reduced accident risk will benefit motorists and enhance the overall safety and convenience for pedestrians in the vicinity.

The Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration acknowledges that roadwork can be disruptive. Still, they assure the public that these efforts are essential for maintaining a safe and reliable highway system. Cooperation from all road users is requested during this period. The MDOT SHA urges everyone to be patient and considerate of fellow drivers and the crews working diligently to improve the roadways.

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