In a recent meeting, the Charles County Planning Commission granted an extension to approve the preliminary subdivision plan for the Myers Estates parcel until June 8th, 2027. This decision comes after a conformity review conducted by the staff and a unanimous vote by the commission members.

During the meeting, Michael Kovich, a planner with the Charles County Planning Division, presented the request for an extension. If granted, this request would extend the approval of the preliminary subdivision plan to its maximum date of 12 years.

The plan was subjected to a conformity review to meet current applicable regulations. Kovich presented location maps, a zoning map showing the RMM zoning for the property, and an aerial map displaying existing conditions. The staff concluded that the plan meets the applicable standards, so there were no recommended changes at the time.

Doug Meeker, Vice President of Elm Street Development and the property owner, also spoke during the meeting. He agreed with the conclusions and recommendations in the staff report and asked the Planning Commission to look favorably on the request.

Meeker expressed optimism about the project’s future, mentioning that they had just received their school allocations, which was the last major hurdle. He expressed confidence that the project would be completed by the newly extended date.

A commission member motioned to approve the extension, which was seconded and approved unanimously. The extension was granted subject to the conditions listed in the staff report dated August 21st, 2023.

This extension marks the second time the project has been granted additional time, with a previous extension in 2019 that set the current expiration date of June 8th, 2023.

In other matters discussed at the meeting, the commission touched on affordable housing issues and the next steps for an ongoing plan related to county development and zoning ordinances. Various speakers addressed these subjects, but the Myers Estates parcel extension was a key focus of the meeting.

The approval of the extension illustrates the planning commission’s commitment to ensuring that the subdivision plan aligns with current standards and regulations. It also allows for the continued development of Myers Estates in a manner consistent with the comprehensive plans of Charles County.

The decision made by the Planning Commission is a significant step towards the realization of the Myers Estates project, with all parties involved expressing satisfaction with the outcome and optimism about the future of this important development in Charles County.

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