BALTIMORE – The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation (SDAT) has initiated its 2023 Tax Credit Awareness Campaign, targeting Maryland homeowners and renters. With an application deadline for October 1, 2023, the department encourages residents to explore their eligibility for homeowners’ or renters’ property tax credits.

Director Michael Higgs announced, “The Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation is pleased to offer these tax relief programs to assist Marylanders who pay high property taxes or rent relative to their income.” Higgs emphasized the simplicity of the application process through the online tax credit system and encouraged all eligible residents to “learn more about these programs by visiting our website.”

The online tax credit application system is the primary channel for application submissions, ensuring efficient and accurate processing. This year, the SDAT is proactively mailing nearly 140,000 postcards to low-income homeowners who might be eligible for the Homeowners’ Property Tax Credit Program but have not yet applied. This program caps the property taxes based on the applicant’s income level.

Residents who have already cleared their property tax bill and apply for the credit by the October deadline can expect a refund from their respective county finance offices. Although paper applications are available online, the department advises that these will take longer to process than online submissions.

Furthering the 2023 Tax Credit Awareness Campaign, the SDAT will mail over 5,700 postcards to renters and non-subsidized rental companies. The Renters’ Property Tax Credit Program is aimed at those who pay a high percentage of their income towards rent and do not qualify for federal or state housing aid. Qualified renters can receive a direct check payment of up to $1,000 annually.

As for the renters, they can apply for the 2023 Renters’ Tax Credit online, with a note of caution that paper applications will require a longer processing time.

Last year, these tax credit programs provided significant relief to Maryland residents. In 2022, over 37,000 homeowners benefited from an average of $1,501 in tax savings, while 6,004 renters received an average of $450. Cumulatively, these initiatives saved Marylanders more than $58 million.

Local governments also offer additional homeowners’ credits under Tax Property Article §9-215, supplementing the state program. Residents approved for the state credit will automatically qualify for any eligible local supplemental credits.

For more information and to apply, residents can visit the Maryland State Department of Assessments and Taxation website.

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