Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is joining FEV Tutor to offer a free SAT preparation course for high school juniors and seniors this fall. The online course will commence on Monday, Oct. 9, and will feature virtual tutoring sessions tailored to individual students’ needs.

Registration for the course is open until Monday, Oct. 2. Students can access the course online and receive personalized tutoring sessions to maximize their SAT scores. The move comes as part of an effort to provide more educational resources for high school students preparing for college admissions tests.

FEV Tutor, a known name in the educational technology sector, specializes in offering live, one-to-one virtual tutoring services. Their collaboration with CCPS aims to make test preparation more accessible for students, particularly those who may not have the resources to enroll in costly prep courses.

The course flyer provides additional details about the program. To register, students must complete a Google form, accessible through the course’s official informational materials.

Students interested in the upcoming SAT exams can visit the College Board’s official website for a schedule of SAT dates and deadlines at

This partnership between CCPS and FEV Tutor aims to address the rising concern among educators and parents about the availability of affordable test prep options. The cost of traditional SAT preparation courses can be prohibitive for many families, creating an uneven playing field for students based on economic factors.

By offering a free course, CCPS and FEV Tutor are leveling the educational landscape, allowing students from various socioeconomic backgrounds to better prepare for this critical college admissions test.

This isn’t the first time educational institutions have collaborated with tech companies to bring resources to students. However, the partnership between CCPS and FEV Tutor is notable for focusing specifically on SAT preparation, a test that often serves as a crucial stepping stone for college admissions.

The SAT exam has long been a cornerstone of the U.S. college admissions process, and high scores can significantly impact scholarship eligibility, college selection, and future career opportunities. Therefore, efforts such as this partnership are instrumental in giving all students a fair shot at achieving their educational and career goals, regardless of their financial situation.

As the course is fully online, it also offers flexibility for students with other commitments, including extracurricular activities and part-time jobs. The personalized nature of the tutoring sessions ensures that students can focus on their specific areas of need, thereby maximizing the utility of the course.

Educators and parents alike will be watching closely to see the impact of this program on student SAT scores and, by extension, college admissions.

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