Baltimore Gas and Electric (BGE) has unveiled its state-of-the-art Fairhaven battery storage facility to enhance service reliability and contribute to Maryland’s clean energy future. Operational since November 10, this 2.5 MW/9.74 MWh battery promises improved energy infrastructure for customers in southern Anne Arundel County and parts of Calvert County.

Situated in Chesapeake Beach, the Fairhaven battery storage facility operates by charging during periods of low demand and discharging energy back into the grid during peak demand, particularly in colder months. This dynamic load management aims to mitigate peak demand, alleviate strain on the electric grid, and fortify system reliability.

Mark Case, the Vice President of Regulatory Policy and Strategy at BGE, emphasizes the significance of these investments in advancing the region toward a more sustainable energy future. “Strategic investments today drive incremental progress toward the grid of the future—designed to meet BGE customers’ needs in an increasingly electrified world,” said Case. “Now operational, the Fairhaven battery storage facility is providing nearby communities with improved service resiliency in advance of the coldest days of winter while supporting Maryland’s ambitious clean energy goals.”

The Fairhaven Battery Energy Storage System and a previously launched battery storage project in Chesapeake Beach, which went online in January, mark substantial contributions to BGE’s Path to Clean initiative. These projects, developed under the Maryland Energy Storage Pilot Project Act of 2019, exemplify a commitment to exploring innovative approaches for energy storage and maximizing its value for customers, utilities, and the electric grid.

These two battery storage facilities are expected to enhance service reliability for approximately 9,000 customers, obviating the need for expensive undergrounding upgrades to 10 miles of electric distribution equipment. BGE’s collaborative efforts with sister companies Pepco and Delmarva Power underscore a concerted industry-wide commitment to integrating battery storage solutions into Maryland’s energy landscape.

The state’s pilot program champions reliability and fosters a diverse range of ownership models for battery storage facilities. BGE’s Fairhaven facility, for instance, will be owned and operated by the company. During periods of low demand, the facility will actively participate in the PJM wholesale services markets, contributing to increased competition and offering customers competitive pricing.

As part of Maryland’s broader goal to install 3,000 MW of energy storage by 2033, BGE looks forward to collaborating with the Maryland Energy Storage Program workgroup. This collaborative effort aims to develop recommendations to further support the state’s ambitious clean energy targets, marking a significant stride towards a resilient and sustainable energy future.

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