Calvert County Government has officially unveiled a groundbreaking community engagement platform, “Speak Up Calvert,” to enhance communication and collaboration between residents and the local government. This initiative marks a significant stride in the county’s efforts to promote open, transparent, and inclusive governance.

Speak Up Calvert is designed as a central hub for community members to actively participate in discussions, share insights, and collaborate with county officials on critical local issues, challenges, and opportunities. This platform opens up new avenues for residents to be more involved in the governmental process and contribute to shaping their community.

County Administrator Mark Willis highlighted the importance of this initiative, stating, “By investing in this platform, we are reinforcing our commitment to community-driven governance. Speak Up Calvert amplifies our residents’ voices and provides them with a direct line to the inner workings of their local government.” This statement underscores the county’s dedication to fostering a more engaged and informed citizenry.

Residents of Calvert County are encouraged to leverage the platform to engage in meaningful dialogues on current projects and initiatives. They can offer feedback on master plans and updates, participate in surveys to influence county decision-making and stay informed about key focus areas the county addresses.

The Speak Up Calvert platform offers a range of interactive features to facilitate this engagement. Residents can discuss various topics, from community development to environmental conservation, ensuring their opinions and ideas are considered in the county’s planning and execution processes.

Those interested in contributing to the betterment of Calvert County can visit the Speak Up Calvert platform at The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible, allowing for easy navigation and participation.

In addition to engaging on the platform, residents are invited to email the Department of Communications & Media Relations at with topics or issues they are passionate about or wish to see added to the platform. This direct line of communication further enhances the platform’s effectiveness in capturing the diverse views and needs of the community.

The launch of Speak Up Calvert represents a vital step in Calvert County’s ongoing efforts to ensure that the voices of its residents are heard and considered in the governance process. This innovative platform is a testament to the county’s commitment to establishing a more responsive, engaged, and community-focused government.

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