WASHINGTON, DC – The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) has announced an early start to its annual Operation Santa program, inviting individuals to adopt letters to Santa written by children and families. For the first time, the program has opened before Black Friday, in response to public demand. Celebrating its 111th anniversary, USPS Operation Santa allows people to anonymously gift children and families, ensuring a magical holiday for those in need.

This unique initiative, which thrives on random acts of kindness and generosity, is not a guaranteed gift-giving scheme but a platform for people to extend help where it’s most needed. Since September 18, the Postal Service has been collecting letters from across the nation, destined for Santa’s workshop at 123 Elf Road, North Pole 88888. To be considered for the program, letters must be sent with First-Class Mail postage and include clear return addresses. These letters are now available for adoption on the official website, USPSOperationSanta.com.

To participate, interested individuals must first register and verify their identity on the website. In case of challenges with online verification, a code and instructions for in-person verification at local Post Offices are provided. Upon successful verification, participants will receive a welcome email with guidelines for adopting letters and sending gifts. It’s important to note that while the packages must be shipped via Priority Mail service, they do not need to be in Priority Mail-branded boxes. Adopters bear the responsibility for postage costs.

To minimize shipping expenses, the Postal Service suggests using Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes available for free at local Post Offices. Choosing letters from nearby states, paying attention to the size and weight of gifts, and considering gift cards are also advised to reduce costs. Notably, gift cards must be shipped in Priority Mail envelopes sized 4 inches by 6 inches or larger.

Key dates for the program include November 20 for the opening of letter adoption, December 11 as the last day to send letters to Santa, and December 18 as both the final day for letter adoption and the recommended date for shipping packages.

USPS emphasizes that the official Operation Santa program is the only one sanctioned by the Postal Service. Any entity soliciting funds for letter adoption is operating illegally and is not affiliated with USPS. The program is entirely voluntary and relies on the goodwill of participants.

For more information about how to bring holiday joy to children and families through this program, visit USPSOperationSanta.com. The site provides detailed instructions and tips for a smooth and fulfilling experience in spreading holiday cheer.

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