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  • Pairing members of Michelle Bradshaw’s Life Skills class with general education students, the Ram Friends Club at Maurice J. McDonough High School enjoyed a recent meeting making crafts for the holiday season.
  • The International Club at Maurice J. McDonough High School held a meet and greet during the school’s one-hour lunch. Over three days, members of the club — who themselves or their families come from different places around the globe — talk to students interested in finding out more about different cultures. During the meet and greets, guests could sample food, and listen and dance to music.
  • John Hanson Middle School National Junior Honor Society students headed over to Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary School recently to greet their temporary new neighbors and read a couple of books with their new buddies. Each eighth grader at Hanson will work with one or two Mudd students as their Reading Buddies throughout the year.
  • Karen Rowledge’s upperclassmen in the Teacher Academy of Maryland (TAM) program at Maurice J. McDonough High School participated in a sample lesson held by master’s degree candidates at St. Mary’s College of Maryland in December. TAM students from across the county went to St. Mary’s for a campus tour and information session. St. Mary’s is one the colleges and universities that has an agreement to recognize the work of the TAM student’s with offering college credit.In St. Mary’s case, it also offers preferred enrollment to TAM students to its education classes and an advisor within the education department. On the day of McDonough’s visit, students were able to meet with St. Mary’s staff and current students enrolled in the education program.
  • Theodore G. Davis Middle School seventh graders recently visited the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History and National Museum of American History. Students were given an assignment with selected exhibits to observe and learn how they impacted the nation’s history. Students took selfies with their cell phones in front of the exhibits and wrote information about them. They later emailed their findings to Clarence Winchester, a language arts teacher. The students visited the O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the natural history museum where they observed insects and learned about their relationships with plants, animals and humans. Volunteers at the exhibit work with live insects that visitors touch and hold, and answer questions about the many-legged creatures that live in the Insect Zoo. Davis students were treated to an up-close look at large grasshoppers and hissing cockroaches.
  • Clarence Winchester’s seventh-grade language arts students at Theodore G. Davis Middle School are given a choice when it comes to test taking. Students can opt to take a traditional written test, take an auditory exam, proctored by another teacher or instructional assistant, during which students answer questions verbally or they can take a kinesthetic — or hands-on — exam. The choices reflect three types of learners — visual, auditory and hands-on.