Legal residents of the 29th Legislative District may apply to Senator Steve Waugh for a Senatorial Scholarship. Completed applications will be acceptedthrough March 30, 2018for the 2018-2019 academic year.

Senatorial Scholarships may be awarded in addition to other State scholarships, including the Hope Scholarship. However, the total of all State scholarships awarded cannot exceed $14,000. Senator Waugh encourages students in his district to apply to other organizations for financial aid in addition to the Senatorial Scholarship.

Applications received by theMarch 30th deadlinewill be reviewed by a committee of community leaders and educators from the 29th District. All awards must be used at an eligible institution within the State of Maryland and by undergraduate, graduate, or professional students. Ifyour major is not offered through a Maryland school, please visit the Maryland Higher Education Commission’s website at for information on how to haveyour major declared unique. Applicants are responsible for confirming they are residents of the 29th Legislative District. Failure to do so will result in application not being considered. To confirm your legislative District please

Applicants who have been selected to receive a scholarship will be notified sometime in the month of June.

2018 Scholarship Packet

Photo via Senator Steve Waugh’s Facebook Page