Our hearts are broken, but our spirit is strong.

In your prayers today, grieve the dead, give strength to the wounded, and pull together the living. Hug each other, cry on a shoulder, be strong for a new friend. Let nobody ache alone.

We owe a great debt to the many people involved, but most especially to Deputy Gaskill. This is what I said on the Senate floor yesterday.

School Safety Package Gains Momentum

The Senate is galvanized to action. Hearings are scheduled. T wo more senators joined all 4 bills after the Senate President confirmed they will be the core of the legislatures action. They are:

SB-1262: Prevention
– Ensure accurate, up-to-date background checks ( hearing is tomorrow, 11:30am)

SB-1263: Anticipation
– Establish Threat Assessment Teams in schools to identify, assess and mitigate risks as they emerge (hearing is tomorrow, 11:30am)

SB-1264: Deterrence
– Armed School Resource Officers who are sworn deputies or police (hearing is tomorrow, 11:30am)

SB-1265: Protection
– Secure classroom doors and areas of safe refuge as a last line of defense, to buy time ( hearing is today, 1pm)

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SB-911 Vet Suicide Prevention: hearing 3/27

Tuesday March 27 at 1 pm, the Health and Government Operations Committee will hold the House hearing on SB-911.
The public is welcome to testify in person, or by written testimony and we want you to let them know how important this bill is.

If you would like to testify at the hearing, please contact Senator Waugh’s Deputy Chief of Staff, Ellen Knipe.

Because of the tragedy at Great Mills we have extended the application period for Senatorial Scholarship to April 15, 2018.
For more information on how to apply for the 2018-2019 Senatorial Scholarship, click here.

Please pray for our community.

Semper Fi,

Senator Steve Waugh
Calvert and St. Mary’s Counties