We often talk about heroic acts performed by Medics and EMT’s in Calvert County but today we need to recognize a local teenager who is truly a hero. This person who became a burn patient was trapped in her bedroom with her younger 11 year old sister this morning when their home suddenly caught fire. Both burn patients were trapped in their bedroom by the fire that was in the living room preventing them from going out the front door.

The girls parents frantically ran around the front of the house and worked to break-out an window AC unit so that the children could come out the window. The older sister protected her little sister from the smoke and heat and when the AC unit was broken out of the window she pushed her little sister out of the opening, once her sister was out she climbed out with the help from adults outside the window in the front yard. The older sister received several 2nd degree burns shielding her sister from the smoke and heat. Both children and all other occupants were out of the house upon the arrival of Solomons VFD units.

Engine 31, Truck 3 and Chief 3 were all on scene within five minutes of the initial call. With the new dispatch procedure; the Medic was alerted on the initial alarm and Medic 104 (PMIC E. Tsurami) was en-route from Prince Frederick. Chief 10 was in the area and when Chief 3 (J. Ford) gave the update of subjects burned in the front yard, he added himself to the call. Chief 10 arrived on scene within two minutes of the children being removed from the home and found them in the care of Ambulance 37(A37).

Chief 10, with the assistance of EMT’s from Solomons immediately began treatment of both patients in the back of A37. Very soon after Ambulance 38 and Medic 104 arrived on scene and the younger sister was moved into Ambulance 38. Due to the burns and airway compromised, a consult was conducted and both children were accepted at a local burn center via MSP aviation.

While both medics were busy working treating the sisters, command requested a third ambulance for the stand-by for the firefighters still fighting the fire. Ambulance 77 and Chief 10B, S. Sturmer responded POV to make sure that our volunteer firefighters had proper EMS coverage while they battled the one-alarm blaze.

Both patients were medevac’d together to a local burn center in DC by MSP Trooper 7.

All images courtesy of the Calvert Advanced Life Support Unit

Written by a member of the Calvert Advanced Life Support Unit

From the Office of the State Fire Marshal:

Two children sustained non-life threatening burns and were flown to Childrens Hospital. The cause of the fire is still under investigation at this time. The Office estimates the loss to be approximately $180,000.00.

Anyone with any information regarding this incident is asked to contact the Office of the State Fire Marshal, Southern Regional Office, at443-550-6835.