From Principal Mandy Blackmon: Mrs. Black is the smiling face and friendly voice that greets every person as they enter the office at Southern Middle School. If anyone has a question, they know that Mrs. Black is their go-to person to get an answer. Her knowledge of the school and school system is impressive.

Mrs. Black is a very hard worker and continuously goes above and beyond her job duties on a daily basis to keep the school operating smoothly. From answering questions for staff, students and parents, to organizing schedules and calendars, to finding substitutes, to just being someone who will provide a helping hand, and so much more—Mrs. Black does it all!

She is professional and respectful in all of her interactions. She is a genuine person who truly takes time to build relationships with all members of the school community. Mrs. Black is an asset to Southern Middle School and is the rock of the front office. We are thankful for being so lucky to have the opportunity to work with such an endearing woman.