From Principal James Kurtz: Mr. Kevin Mosay teaches children for all the right reasons. Recently, I saw Mr. Mosay in the main office at a few minutes to 5:00 p.m. At first, I didn’t know what kept him so late, but then I saw him greeting one of the parents of the two students who stayed after with him.

These students stayed after to have pizza with Mr. Mosay and play the drums. These two students desperately need guidance and an adult role model, and Mr. Mosay, without being asked, took it upon himself to mentor these children, and, in doing so, foster their love for music.

Mr. Mosay routinely receives superior ratings in district performance assessments. Mr. Mosay is considered a leader among his peers. His colleagues say that Mr. Mosay has a wonderful rapport with his students, that they love band because of him, that he cares about his students, and it shows. Mr. Mosay teaches for all the right reasons!