From Principal Rick Weber: Ms. Gurbuz is the school nurse at Huntingtown High School. She is a valuable resource for staff and students alike, providing medical advice that has often prevented serious health issues.

While she is an expert in her field, what sets Ms. Gurbuz apart from most employees is her demeanor and her positive, always cheerful attitude.

Her ability to work with students, staff, and the community is exceptional. She is welcoming and friendly, yet expertly handles the fine line of being compassionate, without being too accommodating in her high school health room.

In addition to Ms. Gurbuz’s duties as the school nurse, she has been a class sponsor and assisted with other after-school events. She is a wonderful, dedicated staff member who always puts students first.

For her many contributions to, and on behalf of the staff and students of our school, Huntingtown High is proud to name Kathryn Gurbuz as its 2018 Support Person of the Year.