Charles County Public Schools (CCPS) is launching a new registration system this school year for volunteers at schools, centers or other CCPS buildings, activities or events. Registration is required for volunteers and includes a prescreening questionnaire, review of training materials followed by a short quiz, and the completion of a background check through CCPS.

Volunteers must register this year and each subsequent school year. The training and background check are valid for one school year. There is no cost to the volunteer for the background check.  

Access to the registration system is available on the CCPS website at or The website includes required training materials, the prescreening questionnaire, a handbook that outlines guidelines, expectations and regulations for volunteers, and a link to submit information required for a background check.

Volunteers who do not have access to a computer or the internet should call the school in which they would like to volunteer to set up an appointment to use a computer at the school. Additionally, volunteers who need assistance in completing the registration process or may be missing information required for the background check should contact the school in which they would like to volunteer for assistance.

Volunteers who serve at multiple locations have the option of selecting three schools during the registration process. All volunteers will receive email confirmation when the background check is complete. The majority of volunteer registration submissions are processed within 48 hours. Approved volunteers will receive a volunteer identification card shortly after they are approved to serve.

Volunteers who are cleared through the process are placed on a school or center list, but are not guaranteed to be called upon during the school year. School administrators will contact volunteers when there is a school/student need that matches a volunteer’s interest or skills.

Volunteers and visitors must sign in at the school, center or building main office on arrival. 

CCPS uses ScholarChip to manage the check in and check out process of all building visitors, which includes a screening through a national sex offender registry. Volunteers should notify school administrators if they no longer wish to be on the volunteer list. CCPS reserves the right to discontinue the volunteer relationship with any individual at any time.

Questions about the volunteer registration process, policies, guidelines or procedures can be directed to the CCPS Office of Safety and Security at 301-392-5551.