Leonardtown, MD –The St. Mary’s County Museum Division has taken possession of a number of historically significant photos, documents and objects this year. These donations help the Division’s efforts to develop museum exhibits and programs which serve the local community and visitors. Among the items donated: Mr. Bernard Bailey donated a model clamming boat called the “Frisky,” which was designed after a vessel which used to harvest clams from the Potomac River. Mr. Emory Lawrence donated tools that belonged to his father who built boats in Abell, Maryland. These items are planned to be used in the boat building exhibit at the Piney Point Lighthouse Museum & Historic Park.

Susan McNeill donated images of Golden’s Hotel, an early 20thcentury African American hotel in Colton’s Point, Maryland. The museum Division plans to include exhibits about the hotel industry that once thrived along the waterways in St. Mary’s County. Mr. Tom Waring donated a blue heron and a wild turkey hand carved by famed local woodworking artist Tom Deagle. Mr. Waring’s donation helps the museum preserve the works of local St. Mary’s County decoy carvers. Mr. Bo Bailey donated 5 tumbler commemorative glasses which the St. Clement’s Island Museum would like to use for future Maryland Day exhibits. The museum also received images capturing views of St. Clement’s Island in 2010 with photographs donated by photographer Carol Davis and a wall-sized backdrop of the Blackistone Lighthouse donated by Mr. Dale Springer. The Museum Division also maintains an educational collection consisting of items visitors can touch. To this end, Mr. Walter Boswell donated a collection of schoolbooks, pottery and fossil that the museum will use for onsite and outreach programs.

All donations undergo a vetting process before accepting it. First, the museum receives an item temporarily for review. It must relate to the museum’s mission or focus and have a place in the museum’s exhibit plan or educational program. If it meets the criteria, it is permanently accepted then accessioned and catalogued. Educational collections are inventoried separately.

The Museum Division continues to seek historic documents, photos and other significant objects related to Piney Point, Maryland, St. Clement’s Island and the Colton’s Point, Maryland area from the 20thcentury and earlier. Anyone who believes they possess an object which meets these criteria and would like to donate it, are invited to Community Day at the St. Clement’s Island Museum. The event takes place on Friday, February 8, 2019, from 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. Museum Division Staff will be on hand to take photos or scan items you would like to share with us.

Visitors may stop by throughout the year by making an appointment with the Collections Manager, Chris Barbour, at 301-769-4723.