LEONARDTOWN, MD – St. Mary’s County Public Schools are heavily impacted by federally-connected students, those whose parents/legal guardians work on federal property in Maryland, live on federal property in Maryland, and/or are active duty military personnel. St. Mary’s County Public Schools receives federal grant funds to operate and maintain the schools for federally-connected students.

To receive the federal funds, the United States Department of Education (USDE) requires the school system to survey each student to determine eligibility for such funds. It is important to complete the survey when your student brings the form home. A separate survey must be completed for each student. Parents are reminded USDE will not accept abbreviations or acronyms, so please write out the complete words, including worksite titles and addresses.

The information has to be based on the survey date, September 30, 2018, and the information is confidential. All forms with complete information, signature, and date are due back to schools by Friday, October 19, 2018.

For more information or any questions, please contact your students’ school principal.