Press Release,Calvert County Public Schools

The Department of Student Services of Calvert County Public Schools (CCPS) has instituted an online process for families who wish to request a transfer for their child to a school other than the one designated for the geographic attendance area in which he or she resides.

Parent and legal guardians may request student transfers if circumstances meet at least one of the provisions below and if the school being requested is not closed to out-of-district transfers.

  • Course of Study
  • Child Care
  • Certain Health-Related Conditions
  • Certain CCPS Employee Circumstances

This year, families will use ScribOrder to submit a transfer request. Parents and guardians may visit https://calvertmdc.scriborder.comto request a student transfer. The link is also available on the school system website,, on the Department of Student Services Program Information page. Directions for setting up an account and requesting a student transfer are located on this website.

Requests for student transfers for the 2019-2020 school year must be submitted by February 15, 2019. Requests made after this date may not be considered.

Requests for student transfers must be made annually, and approved student transfers are valid only for the school year for which they are requested.

Parents who are requesting a transfer for a kindergarten student may do so after kindergarten registration. Since kindergarten registration dates are after February 15, incoming kindergarteners will still be considered for transfers, provided they meet one of the qualifications.

Student transfers are administered according to CCPS Policy 3925 and Procedures 3925.1. Both are available on the CCPS website.

For assistance please contact:

Department of Student Services
Calvert County Public Schools
1305 Dares Beach Road

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