News Release, Town of Chesapeake Beach Public Works Department

With the weather forecast predicting well below freezing temperatures early next week, Public Works would like to remind everyone to unhook or drain your garden hose spigot.

A “ frost free “ spigot can only work if it is drained. If you have a valve inside to cut your outdoor spigots off, now is the time. Anyone with a crawl space or other area that water lines are exposed to the open air are subject to freezing pipes on Sunday night. If you wake up Monday and have “no water” you more than likely have a frozen water line in the exposed area.

DO NOT leave your house if you have no water until the water has been shut off or you know the cause. If you have a frozen pipe it is when the lines thaw a water leak is more than likely to occur. When living in a Town house, Condominium or apartment with an empty unit beside you, now is the time to contact the owner of that unit to make sure it has either been winterized or the heat is on to keep water lines from freezing and bursting.

Own a rental house in Chesapeake Beach? Please make sure your tenants have the heat on and know where the water shut off is.Every year Public Works responds to flooded homes from burst water lines. This can be prevented! Thanks from all of us here at the Public Works Department.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/EditorEditor-in-Chief

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