News Release, St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office

Several men and women of the St. Mary’s County Sheriff’s Office were recognized for excellence and outstanding service for the final quarter of 2018. “These awards to me are about leadership,” Sheriff Tim Cameron told the recipients on Wednesday. And these employees went above and beyond in what is expected of them in their daily duties and responsibilities, he said.

Deputy of the Quarter: Sgt. Cory Ellis

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Sgt. Cory Ellis

Correctional Officer of the Quarter: DFC Alexander Tasciotti

Meritorious Service: Lt. Kenneth Cusic, Cpl. Angela Delozier and Rhonda Wathen

Sheriff Tim Cameron and Lt. Kenneth Cusic
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Cpl. Angela Delozier
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Rhonda Wathen

Lifesaving: Trooper Michael Posch, DFC Lacey Smith and DFC Gerard Muschette

Sheriff Tim Cameron, DFC Lacey Smith and Trooper Michael Posch

Commendation: Cpl. Angela Delozier, CO Zachary Jerew, Deputy Phillip Henry, Deputy Richard Forbes and Deputy Benjamin Raley

Sheriff’s Salute: Sgt. Shawn Moses, Sgt. Michael Boyer, Cpl. William Ray, Cpl. Dale Reppel, Cpl. Timothy Snyder, Cpl. Jason Graves, Cpl. Glen Knott, Cpl. Vincent Pontorno, Cpl. Rozier Steinbach, CO David Sewell, Deputy Matthew Beyer, Deputy Tyler Payne, Deputy Courtney Edwards, Frances Gunn, Glenda Thompson, Lotti Bell, Stephanie Bates, Anna Allison and Maria Neme

Sheriff Tim Cameron, Cpl. Vincent Pontorno, Sgt. Shawn Moses, Cpl. William Ray and Cpl. Timothy Snyder
Sheriff Tim Cameron, Maria Neme, Stephanie Bates and Lotti Bell
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Cpl. Jason Graves
Sheriff Tim Cameron and CO David Sewell
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Frances Gunn
Sheriff Tim Cameron and Glenda Thompson

Team Award: Lt. Douglas Mills, Sgt. Mark Porter, Sgt. William Raddatz, Cpl. Patrick Handy, Cpl. Ronald Maloy, Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor, Cpl. Shaun Carberry, Cpl. James Stone, Cpl. Scott Ruest, Cpl. Glen Knott, Cpl. Austin Schultz, Cpl. Sheena Tirpak, DFC John Davis, DFC Carl Ball, Deputy David Lawrence, Deputy Shawn Shelko, Deputy Tyler Westphal and Deputy John Fenwick 

Sheriff Tim Cameron, Cpl. Elizabeth O’Connor, Sgt. William Raddatz, Cpl. Shaun Carberry and Cpl. Austin Schultz

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