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On Tuesday, April 2, the Board of Commissionersapproved its2019-2021 Goalsand Objectives, which were developed at theCommissioners Retreatheld on Feb. 26. The five goals focus on economic development, institutional governance and policy, environment, education, and quality of life. County Administrator Mark Belton stated that a more detailed plan, with objectives, specific actions, and performance measures, will be drafted and presented by county staff later this spring.

Open Session Briefings

Environmental Resources staff briefed the Commissioners on the Keep Charles County Beautiful Program, which encourages a litter-free environment through education, litter removal, local improvements, enforcement, and community partnerships. Staff highlighted efforts to raise awareness about the environmental impacts of litter; identify priority areas for litter removal; facilitate community partnerships, such as Adopt-a-Road and volunteer cleanups; and make improvements at county-owned facilities and locations, such as VanGO bus stops. Staff also highlighted the partnership with the Sheriff’s Office to investigate and take enforcement actions on litter and illegal dumping.

Commissioners also received a briefing and approved an authorizing resolution for the county to submit a Job Access Reverse Commute grant application. The grant would pay 75 percent of the cost for additional transit service between the VanGO Waldorf transfer point and Brandywine Crossing.

Budget Work Session

The Board of County Commissioners held a budget work session to review the fiscal 2020 proposed budget and recommend changes to theEnterprise Fund,Proposed Fees and Charges, and theGeneral Fund Fiscal 2020-2024 Capital Improvement Projects.

General Assembly Legislation Update

Acting County Attorney Danielle Mitchell presented updates and requests for action on the county’s legislative priorities for the 2019 Maryland General Assembly Legislative Session.

  • House Bill 389,House Bill 388,House Bill 438,House Bill 400: All local bills submitted on behalf of the Charles County Board of License Commissioners are expected to pass, with the exception of House Bill 400, which was withheld following a committee hearing last week.
  • Senate Bill 634: The bill regarding use of public rights-of-way for communications activities is being reviewed by the House Economic Matters Committee and Commissioners approved the submission of a letter of support on its behalf.
  • Senate Bill 845: Commissioners approved an additional letter of support for the original bill, which requested funding to pay for a project study that is necessary before a Southern Maryland Rail Transit project can move forward. The current bill, which has not passed out of committee, includes a local funding match requirement, to pay for the acquisition of public rights-of-way on the project.


Commissioners issued aproclamationrecognizing April as Fair Housing Month, which highlights the importance of providing equal opportunity for all individuals to live in the neighborhood of their choice. Representatives from the Department of Community Services and United Way of Charles County received the proclamation. View photo inFlickr.

New Business

Commissioners provided consonance on sendingproposed changesonHouse Bill 400to Maryland Senator Arthur Ellis’ Office.

Next Commissioners Meeting:Tuesday, April 9

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Commissioners meetings are aired on CCGTV, which broadcasts on Comcast channel 95 and Verizon channel 10, and are available for streaming Materials and minutes of the Commissioners meeting will be posted approval.

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