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Prince Frederick, MD-Kelly has a bachelor’s degree in education from Towson University and experience as a mobile science lab teacher with the Maryland Agriculture Education Foundation. Most recently, Kelly served as the marketing specialist with Swann Farms in Owings. She has over eight years of experience in agriculture marketing, social media strategy, website development and agriculture education. 

Kelly is excited about bringing her experience from working with the ag lab and being an educator to the farmers markets and making them more hands on.

“I want to bring agriculture alive for our residents and help children understand the science of farming. So many kids today don’t realize that fresh produce comes from a farm source and not the grocery store,” Kelly said. “I also want to actively promote our farms to the local community through social media platforms and Calvert County’s dedicated agricultural website, I think it’s important to help farmers and local residents connect and understand the important role agriculture plays in our economy.”

Thank you Kelly for all that you do!

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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