News Release, Charles County Public Information Office

On Tuesday, July 9, the Charles County Board of Commissioners held a meeting with state delegates and senators representing Charles County in the General Assembly. They reviewed the process for sharing legislative priorities and discussed how the Commissioners could submit timely letters-of-support, information or opposition to bills as they are introduced during session, and move through the legislative process. They also discussed options for soliciting public input on the county’s legislative priorities in advance of each legislative session.

Open Session Briefings

  • Charles County Chamber of Commerce Military Alliance Council (MAC) representatives briefed Commissioners on the overview and formation of MAC, which works to promote and support the Indian Head Naval Support Facility, the Velocity Center, the Town of Indian Head, and local economic development.
  • Charles County Early Childhood Advisory Council provided a presentation to Commissioners on thecouncil’s purpose and responsibilities.

Approval Items

Commissioners received public input on the Zoning Map Amendment 19-0001 on the Belike Property, LLC, and Zoning Text Amendment 19-152 on permanent shelters in the General Industrial Zone. Both the Zoning Map Amendment and Zoning Text Amendment were approved.

Commissioners approved the following fiscal requests:

  • budget transfer request of $102,800 to cover a change order for a granite inliner for the Mattawoman I&I Bryans Road Interceptor project.
  • budget transfer request of $67,400 to cover staff overtime from water main break repair and to keep the continuity of plant operations.
  • budget transfer request of $43,600 to cover staff overtime from sewer main break repair and to keep the continuity of plant operations.
  • budget transfer request of $599,580 to cover non-bondable expenses for certain NPDES capital projects that the Capital Services Division deemed as inactive and ready to close.
  • letter of support for the Maryland Bikeways Program grant application, to support a feasibility to connect the Indian Head Rail Trail in Charles County and Three Notch Trail in St. Mary’s County.
  • The property acquisition agreement between the County Commissioners and Bowie Investments, LLC. The property will provide additional parking for the Waldorf Senior and Recreation Center through the Program Open Space Grant.

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