News Release, Southern Maryland Agriculture Development Commission

Camas Davis and Adam Danforth of the ‘Good Meat Project’
 with SMADC and Southern Maryland Meats Present a Full-day Butchery Workshop 

Internationally renowned butcher and author Camas Davis (Killing It, An Education, 2018, Penguin Random House) and James Beard award-winning butcher Adam Danforth (Butchering Beef, Forward by Temple Grandin, 2017, Storey Press) of theGood Meat Projectare partnering with Southern Maryland Meats (SMM), a program of the Southern Maryland Agricultural Development Commission (SMADC), to present a customized full-day workshop on Whole AnimalButchery, Cut Sheet Analysis and Hands-on Butchery.

The workshop will be held on Wednesday, October 9, 2019 at the Westham Butcher Shop, an Amish owned and operated meat processing facility, that SMADC has been assisting in their application for USDA Grant of Inspection certification.

TheGood Meat Projectwith Davis and Danforth are industry leaders in the movement of localized meat production and processing that is growing throughout the United States. In this collaborative workshop, geared towards producers, they will work through a typical pork cut sheet and explore the myriad ways in which various carcass cuts might be utilized in retail, restaurant and home settings. Producers will also learn how to tell the story of each of the meat cuts to their customers using the appealing language of flavor and texture.

Through hands-on lessons and demonstrations, Davis and Danforth will reveal how each cut of meat holds great potential for positive, even transformative, flavor experiences for the eater, a key componentto successfully marketing the whole animal. They will also delve into more practical questions about yield and pricing that are bound to occur as producers are settling on a cut sheet with their processor.

Workshop highlights include a ‘nose to tail’ whole pig butchery demonstration, anatomy lesson, and muscle tasting and comparison (maximum 30 attendees), followed by a small group hands-on butchery lesson (limited to 12 attendees).

“Thisis a uniqueexperiential opportunity to learn from top professionalsthe technique and marketing potential of whole animal butchery andget the most out ofyour meat production,” commented Craig Sewell, SMM Marketing and Livestock manager. “The workshop will also be a “launch point” for the introduction of the SMM Program’s infrastructure and marketing efforts to establish Southern Maryland as a destination for fine regionally produced and processed meats.”

To register and for full workshop details (presenters, cost and agenda) visit the‘Events’page

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