News Release, Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church

Marbury, MD- October 5, 2019 has the makings of a historical moment in Western Charles County MD as the small town of Marbury, home to the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church gets set to install as its Pastor, the great-great-grandson of Addie E. Dent Thomas who founded the church in 1907. Thomas formally began working towards a vision of “growing the church while helping others” and on October 5, 2019, her vision will formally be rejuvenated. 

A Charles County, MD resident, Thomas founded historical Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church and in 1907 facilitated the purchase of land that was described in land documents as the “Pleasant Grove Colored Baptist Church” CH-523. The church was built during the time when “church-going” meant a hand-full of people gathered in a church leader home or outside in a circle in the grass to hear God’s teachings.

Fast-forward 112 years. Veteran Marine, Civil Servant, Community, and Youth Activist, and brother of a prominent State of Maryland elected official has utilized his religious calling to enhance the town of Marbury, Charles County, and society as a whole. Reverend William A. Coates, a Charles County transplant that has deep roots within the county has been selected as the Pastor of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church to breathe new life into the historical church founded by his ancestor.

A spiritual trailblazer throughout his life, Reverend William A. Coates is dialed-in and aware of the issues impacting today’s slowed church growth and the challenges he and the Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church will face in continuing his ancestral vision.

As he is installed as the Pastor of Pleasant Grove Missionary Baptist Church, Reverend William A. Coates becomes a part of the spiritual cornerstone of a vision to grow the church while helping others that began with his ancestor Addie E. Dent Thomas in 1907 at the “little church on the side of the road”.

The Journey Continues……

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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