Charles County Sheriff’s Office via Facebook

PFC Richard Pickeral was recently named Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Waldorf district, by the Knights of Columbus. PFC Pickeral was nominated by two commanders who work with him daily. He was honored for being a good patrol officer who provides outstanding service in the areas of investigations, recovered stolen autos, and narcotics.

Throughout his career, PFC Pickeral has always been a team player. He consistently backs up other officers on calls, helps package property and evidence without being asked, and stays late to help his squad members. That’s why it’s no surprise he also serves as a Field Training Officer, teaching and mentoring new officers after they graduate from the police academy.

On top of all this, PFC Pickeral is also a member of the Emergency Services Team (EST) which provides specialized police service during high-risk situations. To be on this team, officers must pass a physically demanding SWAT school.

There’s more! Recently, PFC Pickeral was selected to attend the DUI Conference in Ocean City, MD, for his outstanding performance in enforcing DUI laws. This is the second time PFC Pickeral has been selected for this achievement in the past three years. On top of this, he has not used ANY sick leave. He is a dedicated officer who shows up every day to work, and he works diligently to ensure the safety and security of the citizens who live, work, or visit the District 3 area.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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