By: Lynne O’Meara, Southern Maryland Restaurants

Prince Frederick, MD – Located in the Calvert County Industrial Park is another Southern Maryland hidden treasure…Mully’s Brewery.

Cindy and Jason Mullikin celebrated the 6th anniversary of this fabulous craft brewery last October. The production is not automated, every batch is made by hand, at the brewery. The grain to glass times is 3-4 weeks for ales and 6-8 weeks for lagers. The actual “brewing” takes around eight hours. To keep up with the increasing demand, they spend a lot of their time brewing! For their top-selling Blood Orange Blonde, they have been brewing 3-4 batches a month. At the brewery, they offer their beer on tap, in growlers, and in cans. They have year-round beers, seasonal beers (come out a few times each year), and scratch series (small-batch beers that many or may not return).

Cindy told me, one of the best things about going to a brewery is you can sample a varied selection of beers. At Mully’s, they always have 8-12 different beers available. I love getting flights (flights are small tastings of several beers), which allows me to find the one I like best. My favorites at Mully’s are Fruit Tart, Blood Orange Blonde, and Mowlawner (I’m not a fan of beer with a lot of hops). I need to go back soon because there are several more I need to try!

They didn’t start brewing in their current space, they started, as many do, as homebrewers. When they first opened the brewery, they had a small taproom and, as laws have changed, they have been able to expand their seating. The taproom is comfortable and inviting with a bar and high-top counters. Some picnic tables are placed alongside the tanks used for brewing. The staff is great, and Cindy is wonderful! It’s a fun place to hang out and is family and dog-friendly. Check out their events too! Here are the great events coming up this month:

  • Friday, February 21 – Burger Day – Starting at 6 pm, Sassafras Farm with be serving delicious, fresh, Steak Burgers. This will be in celebration of Mully’s Brewery releasing their new IPA!
  • Saturday, February 22 – Mardi Gras Weekend – Featuring the new IPA release and fabulous food from Caney Creek Catering Co. The food will include: Gumbo, Shrimp Po’ Boys, Shrimp & Grits, Beignets, and King Cake Bread Pudding. (I wish I was going to be around to have some Shrimp & Grits!!)
  • Sunday, February 23 – Mardi Gras Weekend – Featuring the new IPA release and great food from Calvert Crabs and Seafood!
  • Wednesday, February 26 – Southern Maryland Nerd Night – From the brewery Facebook event, “A fun night for people who are into beer, games, cards & RPGS and kittens and laser beams and sometimes goats.” Goats…sign me up!

Mully’s Brewery taproom is currently pouring:

  • Blood Orange Blonde – 5.2% ABV, 16.5 IBU
  • Patuxent Pale Ale – 4.9% ABV, 37.5 IBU
  • Jack Straw IPA – 6.2% ABV, 60.4 IBU
  • Shucker Stout (Dry Irish Stout) – 5.3% ABV, 35 IBU
  • Fruit Tart (Berliner Weisse, Black Current) – 5.4% ABV, 15 IBU
  • Papa Juice (Blonde Ale) – 4.9% ABV, 15.7 IBU
  • Mowlawner Pils – 5.1% ABV, 26 IBU
  • Naked Tart (Berliner Weisse) – 5.4 ABV, 15 IBU
  • Brunch Crunch (Golden Ale with cinnamon and coffee) – 4.9% ABV, 15.3 IBU
  • Chupa HABra (Habanero Stout) – 5.3% ABV
  • Hazy Memory IPA – 7.5% ABV, 50.3 IBU

ABV = Alcohol by Volume – a standard measure of how much alcohol (ethanol) is contained in a given volume of an alcoholic beverage. The higher the number, the higher the alcohol content.

IBU = International Bitterness Unit – a gauge of a beer’s bitterness. The lower the number, the less bitter. Hoppy beers have a higher IBU number.

When I was at Mully’s recently, they had a Beer and Chocolate Pairing. It was delightful. The chocolate was from Heritage Chocolates in Leonardtown (one of my favorites) and Mully’s beer. It was interesting to see how the chocolate and beer together brought out different flavors. Some brought out the beer flavor and others brought out the flavors in the chocolate. Interesting and so enjoyable!

For regulars, they offer an annual membership called the Mug Club. Membership includes a personalized mug (it’s kept at the brewery and then you get it at the end of the year), $1.00 off all flights and pints, $2.00 off 64-oz. growler fills and $1.00 off 32-oz. growler fills free inaugural pint, free birthday pint, 10% off merchandise, a club tee-shirt, annual members-only party, and notifications of new beer releases. The cost is $100.00. It sounds like fun!

The taproom is open Wednesday through Sunday. On days when they are not open, they keep very busy…brewing!! For Cindy and Jason, running the brewery is a full-time job! Jason also keeps busy as a member of the very popular local band, Trilogy. I have heard Trilogy several times and they are fun, friendly, and fabulous!

In addition to the brewery, Mully’s beer can be found in local stores and restaurants. I often find their current best-selling beer (Blood Orange Blonde) on tap at many of my favorite places.

Not only do they serve great beer, but they also have delicious food brought in by local vendors. Some recent vendors include:

– Caney Creek Catering Co. – Bobby and Wendy Bonner put out great food! They are at Mully’s often (they live nearby). They always seem to have something new! Last week, they served breakfast all day. Their seafood is always spectacular! Bobby has competed in the World Food Championships the last three years. In 2017, he came in second in the seafood category. In 2018, he competed in the Super Qualifier World Food Championships and took 1st place! In 2019, he came in seventeenth in the seafood category! To cook at this level is amazing! Check out the Caney Creek Facebook page to see what he’s cooking up!

Web –

Facebook –

– Stachowski Sausages – Often on Sundays, Cindy Stachowski is at the brewery with her family’s fabulous sausages. A family owned business since 2009, they offer a wide variety of handcrafted gourmet fresh sausages and cured meats of the highest quality. The sausages are locally-handmade…and remarkable! Cindy cooks up several different types. I tasted most of them and they are all amazing! Some of what Cindy had the day I was there was Bratwurst, Chicken Santa Fe, Kielbasa, DMV Half Smokes and Andouille. The Bratwurst and Kielbasa were my favorites. Cindy was so friendly and a whirlwind of energy…delightful!

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Freshly Made 4You – Known as The Healthy Food Truck, they offer a selection of tasty smoothies, fresh salads, sandwiches, paninis, and wraps. They are one of the newer food trucks and they are seen in locations throughout Southern Maryland. Tiffany Canty-Nelson and her husband, Andre, make delicious, fresh food! I love, love (that’s double love) their smoothies! Tiffany turns up in many places…and she’s always smiling!

Facebook –

Calvert Crabs and Seafood – From their Facebook page, “As a local waterman, our goal is to bring fresh seafood at an affordable price to our customers. All our food is handmade using fresh ingredients sourced from local waterman, farmers and other small businesses as much as possible. Our mobile unit provides a smaller menu of crowd favorites such as crab dip, crabby fries and Crabby Hot Dogs.”

Facebook –

Mully’s Brewery is located at 141 Schooner Lane, Prince Frederick, MD.

The Brewery’s hours are:

  • Wednesday through Friday – 3pm–8pm
  • Saturday – 12pm-8pm
  • Sunday – 12pm-6pm



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