News Release, Charles County Public Schools

Four Unified Bocce teams from Maurice J. McDonough High School earned awards at the Interscholastic Unified Sports Indoor Bocce Invitational held Feb. 10 at Hagerstown Community College.

The teams are named for McDonough school colors: black, purple, orange and white. The purple team earned first place in division two. The white team earned a fifth-place among teams competing in division three. The black team earned sixth place overall in division one, and the orange team earned sixth place overall in division four of the event.

Unified sports teams include a combination of students with and without disabilities who train together and compete against other unified teams. Each year, the state Bocce tournament is separated into divisions of play. Teams compete in specific divisions during the event based on criteria such as age, gender and physical ability to ensure all athletes have an opportunity to play and be a part of a team.

Students on the purple team who earned the first-place win include Kylie Bradshaw, Sierra Campbell, William Edwards, Emilie Farren, David Glorioso, Jaylene Logan, Carrie Wagner, and Zach Wagner.

The white team includes McDonough students Anna Compton, Jennifer Hernandez Cruz, Hannah Krauel, Morgan Krauel, Ashlynn Pagano, Mayci Pagano, Trenton Parker, and Olivia Paton.

The black team includes students Marissa Burgess, Bruce Cornwell, Aidan Hoffman, Logan Hoffman, Gestina James, Keith James, Skylar Murray, Ashley Park, and Danielle Taylor.

Students on the orange team include Sophia Bourassa, Katharine Cadwalader, Mason Carney, Jason Haley, Danny Mears, JJ Otey, Max Petricoin, Kori Sheckells, and Mya Smith.

Teachers David Bradshaw and Matt Petricoin coach all of the McDonough teams. CCPS partnered with Special Olympics Maryland in 2008 to offer high school students of all abilities the opportunity to participate in sports programs. Additionally, several Charles County public middle and elementary schools now offer unified sports teams for students.

David M. Higgins II, Publisher/Editor

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