by Tammy Showalter, Freelance Reporter

The administrative staff at King’s Christian Academy(KCA) is awaiting the all-important answer of if and when schools will reopen. The school opened in 1980, so this would have been an Anniversary this year.

It will be hosting another virtual Open House on July 29 via Facebook from 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m.

They’ve developed a task force, headed by athletic director John Somerville and have been meeting over the summer to discuss the important topics of how safety and constructive learning for their private, biblically-based school should look like going forward.

As a private school, it’s scheduled to return on August 24th where the public schools are looking at August 31st. The Coronavirus disease has put a halt to our lives as we knew it and continue to prevent those in authority within the local schools to make decisions without the consolidation of the local health department and guidelines set by the center for disease control.

King’s Christian Academy’s director of admissions, Barbara Mashtare said they are still working with their task force but as of July 17th is leaning towards a hybrid approach.

A hybrid approach is combining face to face classroom participation with online activities as well.

The Open House will be hosted by Mashtare and the school Administrator James Harris.

Transportation is a huge issue of concern; because of overcrowding as well as sanitation and timing. Can the routes be run in a timely fashion?

“We do rely on St. Mary’s County Public school buses, so if they don’t open in the fall, we won’t have bus service,” Mashtare said. “If that’s the only reason they don’t open, we’ll discuss with our parents about transporting their children. We have to adhere to the Governor [Larry Hogan] and the CDC [Center for Disease Control] regulations.”

“We have the benefit of having smaller class sizes,” Mashtare said. “We only have two classes that are full at 25, otherwise we only have 12-17 per class, so that’s kind of a benefit that way.

“We were able to have our graduation here on the lawn. Mr. Harris had this vision of how he wanted it and how it all came together was just perfect. Everyone stayed in their cars except the 10 at a time. Only having 20 graduates helps too.”

KCA offers the benefit of K-12 all in the same building. Siblings can learn with each other and the family atmosphere is felt and known. The Eagle’s Nest is ready for sporting action, as Patterson’s court is polished and ready to go. New books are still wrapped in plastic and stacked neatly. Mashtare said she’s missed hosting summer camps there on Point Lookout Road.

“I’ve missed the sounds of children; the noise,” she said. “It’s just me in here. I asked for an outside desk, but I didn’t get that.”

KCA is currently accepting applications. Visit for more information.