On August 13, the Board of Education of Calvert County Public Schools approved calendar changes for the 2020-2021 school year. The calendar is available on the school system website: www.calvertnet.k12.md.us.

Dr. Daniel D. Curry, the Superintendent, said, “The calendar adjustments move two professional development days to the beginning of the year to give teachers additional time to prepare for online instruction.”

Ten-month employees will begin work on August 24. The first day of school for students is September 2, when teachers will provide an orientation to online learning. October 2 and 16, originally scheduled for professional development, will be school days for students. Election Day, November 3, will be a student day because online instruction may continue while schools are used as polling places. In addition, all scheduled two-hour delayed openings and early dismissals for students are canceled through the end of January, which is currently the end of online learning. The professional development and teacher work time designated for those days will be conducted on Wednesdays when students will engage in independent learning rather than teacher-directed online lessons.

As originally planned, students in prekindergarten and kindergarten will start school on staggered days, even though learning will be online. Schools will send a detailed schedule to families.

The school year for students will end two days earlier on June 9, instead of June 11.

In the event that online learning extends beyond the first semester, further calendar changes may be made.

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