RIDGE, MD, September 3, 2020 – After nearly 18 months of extensive renovations, Pier450 announces the opening of “POV” (Point of View), its beachfront restaurant in Ridge, MD. The opening marks the second phase of the transformation of this 70+ year-old property long familiar to residents in Southern Maryland.

Owner/Proprietor Peggy Binzel purchased the old Scheible’s Fishing Center in early 2019 and began an extensive renovation effort on the eight-room motel, restaurant, pier, and grounds. “I fell in love with Southern Maryland more than a dozen years ago,” said Binzel, who also owns Scotland Yards, a collection of luxury beach rental houses in Scotland, MD, just five miles east of Pier450.

“The purchase of Scheible’s just made perfect sense, giving us an opportunity to bring new life to this historic property that was once the hub of the community. We look forward to welcoming back the many whose lives were connected to Scheible’s and to welcoming new guests joining the family,” Binzel continued. Scheible’s, which opened in 1946, closed its doors in the early 2000s.

“Re-opening a waterfront restaurant in the Critical Area of the Chesapeake Bay is not for the faint of heart,” said Binzel. “I am so grateful to the team that helped make it happen, too many to note individually today. We will be thanking them with individual tributes over the coming weeks. I would also be remiss if I did not thank the St. Mary’s County Commissioners, the Office of Land Use and Growth Management, the Department of Health, St. Mary’s County Economic Development, Del. Brian Crosby and others who helped us navigate the regulatory process. I offer a special tribute to our own County Commissioner Eric Colvin who saw the importance of reestablishing this community gathering place and provided the leadership to help us make it happen.”

POV will focus initially on offering its full menu and full service indoors, serving dinner Friday and Saturday, with a Saturday lunch and Sunday brunch. Complying with COVID-related occupancy regulations, seating capacity will be limited to 50%. The restaurant will also offer COVID-compliant outdoor seating with a limited, outdoor-friendly menu at select times, including Thursdays and Sundays, late afternoon thru the early evening. Menus and hours of operation will be posted on the Pier450 website and Facebook page.

Under the direction of Master Chef Carlos Gomez-Starnes, the menu for POV at Pier450 includes many local favorites, locally sourced where at all possible. Spanish Paella, Pan-Seared Rockfish, Classic Maryland Crab Cakes, Fresh-Caught Fish Tacos and Tenderloin with Shrimp are but a few of the items that feature items from local area farmers and fishermen. “We respect the local heritage,” said Gomez-Starnes. “We wanted to honor that heritage with our carefully selected menu, and bring fresh ingredients to the tables of our guests,” he said. All menu items are fresh made, in house, including breads, sauces, pastries and desserts, guacamole and more. Pier450 has also planted an extensive herb and vegetable garden to support the restaurant. The craft beer selection is largely sourced from local breweries in Maryland and surrounding areas.

The décor at POV reflects the exquisite design tastes of Binzel and Designer Paul Haynes, who has worked with Binzel for nearly a decade decorating the Scotland Yards properties.

Other elements of the Pier450 property include:

The Quarters – formerly a no frills stop over for fishermen visiting the area, The Quarters at Pier450 is now an eight-room boutique motel, each room themed and beautifully curated with luxury amenities. The motel opened in November 2019.

The Pier – 450 feet long (thus the name), the pier has been renovated for leisure use by restaurant, beach bar and motel visitors. Kayaks are available free of charge to motel guests and will ultimately be made available for rental by other POV and Pier450 guests. (COVID has made kayaks a rare commodity; Pier450 will have more available in 2021.)

The Chandlery – opening Fall of 2020, the Chandlery boutique shop within the POV restaurant will feature a combination of one-of-a-kind finds and artwork curated by designer Paul Haynes, plus beach-appropriate fashion items, home décor pieces and Pier450-branded merchandise.

The Yards – Much effort has already been done to rejuvenate the grounds at Pier450, including extensive landscaping with a wide variety of native trees, shrubs and flowers. Work continues on the grounds, expected for completion in Spring 2021, when the property will open an outdoor wedding venue and adjoining gardens. There are beach fire pits ready for immediate use and plans to add a large fire pit and other recreational features in front of the motel, and a beachside movie screen for family entertainment.

Cathy Austin, business partner to Binzel and marketer of the project, said of the combination of features, style and activities at Pier450, “We’ve focused on creating what we call an ‘artful experience’ at Pier450. The attention to detail, the beautiful designs both inside and out, the literal art on the walls, and the perfectly considered menu and preparation, even the specialty cocktails — everything is designed to give our guests a welcoming and fun experience.”

Pier450 is a two-and-a-half acre property in Ridge, MD at the southern-most tip of St. Mary’s County. It features The Quarters, an eight-room boutique motel, POV, a 65-seat upscale-casual beachfront restaurant with a waterfront bar, The Chandlery boutique shop, The Yards, which will soon feature a waterfront wedding venue, and a 450-foot-long recreational pier.

More information can be found at pier450.com (full website will launch later in September 2020) and on Facebook and Instagram at Pier450inMD.

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