Online education has been a new way for students to learn outside of the classroom and this concept has received much attention worldwide. With the current situation globally, many schools and universities are closed, forcing students to make use of e-learning platforms. The government plays an important role in funding and supporting this form of learning. Policies have been created that help shape education, providing resources and promoting e-learning.

With online learning becoming the norm, educators and students will have to learn how they can benefit from resources available, including those from government agencies. Check out some of the free essays about government support to see what policies are being put into place. Not only are students learning from home, but they are also creating essays and research papers focused on e-learning. There are some great topics ideas for your government essay, providing you with unique ideas, innovative concepts, as well as the latest facts.

Government Policy

When it comes to decisions about public education, these are often made at the state level by Governors, State Board of Education, State Legislatures, and Education Agencies. The federal government also plays a role in shaping education policy. There are two main levers that are controlled by the federal government. These include money and fairness.

Money from the federal level is used for educational funding and fairness mandates that all those enrolled in a school or university will receive equity in their education. When it comes to distance education in the USA, both state and federal governments have started to offer more resources and opportunities, ensuring that all students have the ability to receive quality remote education.

The state government makes major decisions when it comes to distance learning programmes and will create public policy that will determine how various technology tools can be used to enhance online learning and provide all students with an equal chance at getting a quality education while using e-learning tools. State agencies and legislatures also decide what form of e-learning is offered a well as how students are able to access these.

Political Factors in E-Learning

With thousands of schools and college venues now using e-learning techniques, politics plays an important role, especially in regards to funding. Since classrooms are empty, students and teachers are finding ways to make use of programs and technology to connect and learn using online education platforms. This has led to a need for more funding so that all students have access to this technology needed and that educational establishments are able to offer trained instructors.

This is where politics come into play. The government needs local and state political support to get additional funding and obtain the proper technological infrastructure needed. Without this, it would be nearly impossible to implement e-learning in schools or colleges across the country. Federal political involvement has also occurred recently, with grants for millions of dollars being awarded to individual states across the US to support. These are used for developing e-learning infrastructures so that no student will be left out.

The Need for Continued Support

Distance learning may very well be the future of education. It had already started becoming a popular way of teaching students before 2020, but now, there is a huge need for political and government support to ensure that programs remain funded. The goal is to make sure all students get an equal education. This means there will be an ongoing need for funding and each school or college must reassess their teaching models so they can incorporate e-learning tools to provide each individual with the opportunity for a top education learning experience outside of traditional classrooms.

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