There is no sense in launching an online project if it cannot worthily engage in competition in its dedicated niche. Therefore, digital promotion is one of the key things to consider when creating an online product. If you want to get a good position in the search engine rankings, then you need to take the SEO side of the project seriously.

Fortunately, using WordPress gives you an edge as this CMS takes care of the basic SEO optimization from the outset. This is one of the many other reasons why many project managers, site owners, and webmasters give preference to the WordPress content management system.

How to Make Your WordPress Project Perform the Best?

There are some things you can do to take your WordPress SEO to the next level. Before creating your promotion strategy, make sure that your WP site has been professionally developed by the team or SoMD Web Design and SEO.

We’ve rounded up 6 of the best tricks and tips to drive traffic to your website:

  1. Install WordPress SEO plugins;
  2. Choose one of the SEO-friendly themes;
  3. Turn on the visibility of your site for search engines;
  4. Set up your permalink structure;
  5. Add meta tags;
  6. Optimize images.

Let’s go through this list step by step so that you have an idea of how it works and what you should do on your end.

1. Install WordPress SEO Plugins

WordPress already has some solid SEO features built-in. But you can take it to the next level by using dedicated SEO plugins. The best SEO plugin on the market is Yoast SEO. With this solution, you can perfectly optimize every page. The plugin also has a built-in analytics solution based on the latest algorithm updates. You can even create an XML sitemap and add schema markup to your site in a couple of clicks.

2. Choose Among SEO-friendly Themes

What is essential for SEO of your site? One of the key parameters taken into account during ranking is the time users spend on a site. Thus, the theme of your website is crucial. It does not matter which kind of a platform you have got – an online store, business site, or even an art gallery, you will find a suitable theme among those offered by WordPress.

The design influences not only how appealing your site will be for the target audience. The better it is designed, the easier it is for users to find the information they are looking for. In its turn, this will make your visitors fulfill the desired action and decrease the chances they just leave your website. With a low bounce rate, the search engine will better rank your platform.

3. Turn on the Visibility of Your Site for Search Engines

WordPress has a built-in setting that will hide your site from search engines. It can be useful when you are just creating your site; it will prohibit ranking it for this time. If you’ve applied a few tips from our list but haven’t seen an improvement in your site’s rankings, this setting may be the reason.

4. Set up Your Permalink Structure

When you first install WordPress on your site page, the posts may have a strange URL structure. This default structure is not the best choice for your SEO efforts. The more search-engine-friendly URL structure is the post-name setting. By switching to this setting, you can include the title of your post or page and even a keyword in the link. If you make these changes later, you will have to redirect the old URLs. You can do this with the Change Permalink Helper plugin. Just enter your older URLs, and they will be redirected to your updated URLs.

5. Add Meta Tags

Google does not clearly state how meta tags influence the ranking of a particular resource. However, they definitely influence the appeal of your site in the search results. If you have got a WordPress-based site, you can install one of the plugins mentioned above and easily add the meta tags. Those who are not prone to do this manually can make use of automatic functions that get the required information for the automatic creation of meta tags.

6. Optimize Images

Your site won’t be interesting if there are no pictures and videos. Thanks to the features of the CMS, WordPress-based sites allow adding as many images as you want. However, adding them is not sufficient. You need to optimize the images and videos. First of all, it is necessary to add descriptions of images and alt tags. Also, make sure that the pictures are loading fast. Otherwise, you should compress them. There are a lot of WordPress plugins that can help cope with this task easily.

We have listed not all the steps you need to take for a successful SEO. In general, having a site foresees permanent work with it. If you choose a platform that does not create any complications, this is a great investment in the future. WordPress is the choice you will be grateful for many years in the future.

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  1. All great advice. Definitely don’t forget to optimize those images! Much better to do it before you even upload to the media library. Namecheap has a great article on WordPress SEO that dives a little deeper into other ways you can optimize the speed of your site.

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