On September 13, over 220 individuals convened by Zoom to hear an expert panel and then meet in small groups to explore inequities in health care in Southern Maryland.  This eighth Big Conversation was led by Middleham and St. Peter’s Parish and its 21 community organization partners spanning the three Southern Maryland counties.  

The success of the forum in this time of COVID-19 was attributable to how well the partners contributed their talents and resources.  In particular, the Big Conversation steering committee acknowledges the work of the Mediation Centers of Calvert, St. Mary’s, and Charles Counties and Calvert Library.  The mediation centers served as small group facilitators.  

Calvert Library provided the technology resources needed to turn the annual Big Conversation into an online event.  The Library is committed to this partnership and taking an active role in making the community stronger.

The purpose of the Big Conversation is to bring the community together to address national issues on a community level.  For the past three years, the focus has been on dismantling racism.  

This year’s focus was on health care inequities in Southern Maryland titled “Many Wounds to Heal: Health Care Inequities – How Does it Affect Me?”.  The forum resulted in a comprehensive set of findings and recommendations that will guide the partners and the health community in addressing these inequities by providing better health care for all.

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