The CBD flower revolution has taken the hemp industry by storm. Smoking CBD flower is more potent and faster-acting than practically any other CBD ingestion method.

New CBD flower users will immediately notice that there are lots of different hemp buds to choose from. Why is indoor-grown CBD flower better, and what are the benefits of hemp buds that are grown indoors?

1. Indoor-grown hemp flower tastes and smells better

Hemp flowers are resinous, and they’re filled with aromatic terpenes. Two things simultaneously occur to CBD-rich hemp buds that are grown outdoors:

  • Terpenes oxidize, harming the aroma and taste of CBD flower
  • Hemp buds absorb the aromas present in the area where they’re grown

As a result, outdoor-grown hemp usually ends up mostly tasting and smelling like dirt and plants. It’s terpenes are degraded, so its inherent aromatic and flavor properties are minimized.

Indoor-grown hemp flower, however, is protected from terpene oxidation within a climate-controlled environment. Happy, indoor-grown plants naturally express higher concentrations of terpenes, and there aren’t any unpleasant aromas to absorb in hermetically sealed indoor cultivation environments.

2. Indoor-grown CBD buds are more potent

Hemp can only reach its full potential when it’s grown inside. Buffeted by wind, rain, and intermittent sunshine, outdoor-grown hemp buds almost invariably end up thin and scraggly.

Indoor-grown hemp, however, is pampered from sprout to harvest. Its nutrient uptake and substrate saturation are carefully controlled, and indoor-grown CBD flower can be trimmed or trained as necessary to produce high-potency buds.

As a result, indoor-grown hemp buds often contain more than 25% CBD. Approximately 15% CBD, however, is the highest level of potency that outdoor-grown hemp flower can achieve.

3. Indoor-grown CBD flower is less likely to contain contaminants

Some outdoor hemp cultivators grow their buds using sustainable, organic processes. While it’s possible to control what happens on your own farm, however, it’s harder to tell your neighbors what to do.

Pesticides, artificial fertilizers, and other agrochemicals commonly migrate from neighboring agricultural fields and contaminate outdoor hemp crops. While it’s technically possible to avoid contamination by surrounding yourself with other farmers who only use organic processes, these types of situations are incredibly rare.

Indoor-grown CBD flower, on the other hand, is usually grown in hermetically sealed environments. There’s no chance of airborne contaminants or contaminated runoff making its way into indoor-grown hemp buds.

Brands that grow their hemp flower inside can ensure that their CBD flower products are truly organic. To make sure that your CBD flower is contaminant-free, check the third-party lab tests for a particular product.

4. Indoor-grown hemp nugs are better for showing off

There’s nothing worse than breaking out some CBD flower to share with your friends only to realize that your buds aren’t as thick, frosty, and aromatic as you’d hoped. While outdoor-grown hemp nugs will always be at least somewhat disappointing, indoor-grown CBD flower has the potential to utterly shatter your expectations.

Carefully cultivated and expertly processed CBD-rich hemp flower can look and smell just as amazing as the top-shelf cannabis nugs available at your local dispensary. Brands that take the time and effort to grow their CBD flower inside usually take an overall artisan approach, and they carefully trim their buds to make them look, smell, and taste as impressive as possible.

5. Indoor-grown CBD flower is higher-quality overall

From enhanced terpene expression to higher purity, indoor-grown CBD flower offers increased benefits and eliminates dangers that are inherent to outdoor hemp cultivation. With more than 7,000 verified customer reviews, Secret Nature is the nation’s most popular indoor-grown hemp flower brand.

Secret Nature offers tons of different strains to choose from. Whether you select this brand’s pre-rolls, nugs, or vape cartridges, just remember that everything Secret Nature makes comes from organic, pampered, and indoor-grown CBD-rich hemp buds.

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