California, Maryland (March 12, 2021)– St. Mary’s Little League (SMLL) is a vital part of the southern Marylandcommunity, providingchildren witha wonderful opportunity to play baseball and softball with their friends and classmates.Since 1969, SMLLhas helped to bring parents, players, and families together around the game, instillingvaluablelife lessons that last far beyond theballpark.

In an effort to support the annual budget and operating funds needed to allow kids to participate in Little League this season, SMLL is joining Little League International to participate in Lift Your League, a virtual fundraising campaign focused on helping kids have a memorable Little League experience this season.

Through the help of donations from the community, SMLLcan continue to provide a valuableconnectionto the local communityby offering players, coaches, volunteers,and supportersa safe and meaningfulbaseball and softball experience.

Anyone interested in supporting the Lift Your League campaign and helps SMLL bring the Little League experience to children in the southern Maryland community this season are encouraged to donate.

Funds donated this year will be used for field upgrades at Dean Field and other pertinent equipment replacements across all divisions.

For more information on how to support SMLL, whether through financial support or to sign up and serve as a volunteer, please contact RJ Bean, President of SMLL.

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