Wanderlust can be defined as a strong longing for or impulse toward wandering — and it typically relates to travel adventures.

But don’t just chase your wanderlust; instead, make it a point to bring it home with you. 

Need a little inspiration, traveler? Here’s how you can bring home your favorite travel memories from the road and into your living space.

1. Framed Photo Prints

You don’t need a passport to relive some of your most cherished travel memories. Bring elements of your favorite places around the world, wherever they may be, home by adding beautiful, framed photo prints to your walls. Make a statement with a large piece or bring a location to life in your home with a gallery wall. From cityscapes to moody nature scenes, there are plenty of ways to pay homage to your favorite vacation spots in your home.

2. Handwoven Wall Baskets

Inspiration is everywhere, so bring elements of globally-inspired décor into your home. But don’t worry about checking overweight baggage. You can find worldly accents like handwoven wicker wall baskets stateside. A trio of eclectic seagrass rope and wicker baskets can add a global touch to the walls of any entryway or living room. And, best of all, you don’t have to lug your decorative wall hanging baskets through customs.

3. Ocean-Inspired Dinnerware and Bowls

There’s something that’s so soothing and satisfying about the ocean: crashing waves, the call of distant gulls and birds, the sea mist in the air. It’s certainly a dreamy scene, there is no doubt about that. But don’t just dream about the ocean — bring it home. For example, a sea-inspired dinnerware set in oceany hues like ink blue, amethyst, or sage can bring a little bit of the beach into your kitchen and onto your dinner table. Plus, a set of sea-inspired glass bowls and plates will undoubtedly complement your expansive sea glass collection, too.

4. Faux Botanicals and Greenery

Do you have a love for all types of plants, palms, succulents, and cacti? Don’t have a green thumb? Forget cultivating your own succulent garden and opt to decorate your living space with faux botanicals and flowers. Whether your favorite place is the vast, cactus-dotted Sonoran Desert or a lush tropical island in the Pacific Ocean, you can surely find faux versions of the blooms and bushes from your favorite destinations. Best of all, these decorative flowers and greens are always in bloom. And you don’t have to worry about watering them while you’re away jet-setting across the continent or backpacking a new route.

5. Textured and Colorful Throw Blankets

Bold colors and lots of texture are two pillars of global style. Effortlessly introduce a global touch to your living space with a colorful, textured throw blanket or two. Look for a throw blanket with bohemian geometric patterns and tufted tassels for an instant, globally-inspired pop of color that can keep you warm on chilly days. Plus, you can pack your throw for your next road trip or bring it to a picnic with friends. A throw can hold all your precious memories with friends and family.

A World Full of Pure Imagination

The pull of wanderlust is strong. But wherever your wanderlust takes you, you can always bring home a few of your favorite places and destinations with these home accents. From photo prints and faux botanicals to beach-inspired dinnerware and textured boho throws, your suitcase is not required — just your style and imagination.

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