Budds Creek, MD- Fresh off his Georgetown (DE) Speedway win on Thursday night, Winchester Va’s Kyle Hardy drove to a thrilling win in round two of the “Battle of the Bay” RUSH Dirt Late Model Series Friday at Potomac Speedway. Hardy’s win, worth $3000, came in his family-owned Rocket no.99 and would be his 5th win overall in 2021 and his first career RUSH triumph at Potomac.

Former Potomac RUSH champion Logan Roberson darted from the pole and appeared to have the car to beat as he effortlessly leads a majority of the 30-lap event. As Roberson lead, Kyle Hardy emerged in second on the 25th lap and went after Roberson. The final lap of the feature had the fans on their feet as Hardy caught Roberson and as the duo raced into turn three, contact was made with Hardy surviving to take the win with Roberson second. “This has been a great season so far for us,” Hardy stated in victory lane.

“I know Logan is probably upset with me, but with $3000 on the line, we had to try something.”

Hardy gave his view on the move that won him the race. “The line into three got cleaned and polished and I could just roll through.” Said Hardy.

“He (Roberson) was just dead stopped and I got to him at the exact time and unfortunately we got together.”

Max Blair was third with Matt Quade and Jeremy Wonderling completing the top five. Heats for the 44 entries went to Max Blair, Logan Roberson, Kyle Hardy, Ben Scott, Walker Arthur, and Jeremy Wonderling. Triple B-Mains went to Levi Crowl, Darrell Bossard, and Joe Martin.

In support of class action, PJ Hatcher rolled to his 10th consecutive and third win of the season in the 15-lap Street Stock feature. Potomac management has now placed a bounty of $200 on any division driver who can beat Hatcher in a feature while he is still on the track.

Colin Long became the third different winner of the three-week-old season with his victory in the 15-Lap Hobby Stock main, Greg Mattingly rolled to his third win in a row in the 15-lap Strictly Stock contest with Dominic King collecting his second win in a row in the 15-lap U Car nightcap.

RUSH Late Model feature finish

Kyle Hardy, Logan Roberson, Max Blair, Matt Quade, Jeremy Wonderling, Austin Hubbard, Kyle Lukon, Levi Crowl, Jeremy Pilkerton, Walker Arthur, Joe Martin, Nick Davis, Logan Zarin, Amanda Robinson, Justin Kann, John Waters, Josh Ferry, Sparky White, Ben Scott, Darrell Bossard, Jason Genco, Matt Glanden, Cody Dawson, Donald Lingo Jr., Joey Love

DNQ- Ed Pope Jr, Chuck Bowie, Derek Magee, Robert Smith, Devin Brannon, Cory Sines, JJ Mazur, Kyle Murray, Brandon Sturgis, Megan Mann, Ryan Frazee, Bill Henry, Bud Watson, Andy Michael, Mike Raleigh, Cody Stamp, Michael Duritsky, Trevor Collins, Timmy Booth

Street Stock feature finish

PJ Hatcher, Deuce Wright, Stevie Gingery, Ben Pirner, Marty Hanbury, Bailey Tolson, Mike Bladen

DNS- Hank Stonestreet

Hobby Stock feature finish

Colin Long, Mason Hanson, Mikey Latham, Wyatt Hanson, Buddy Dunagan, Hilton Pickeral, Watson Gordon, James Rainey, Billy Crouse, James Stone Jr, Eric Hanson, Troy Kassiris, Stephen Suite

DNS-Owen Lacey

Strictly Stock feature finish

Greg Mattingly, Casey Sheckles, Daniel Knodle, Richie Gibson, Cameron Harris, Nabil Guffey, Scooter Tippett, Brian Johnson DNS-Bob Todd, Justin Hatcher, Travis Dye, Natalie Davis

U Car feature finish

Dominic King, Kyle Randall, Kristy Whitehouse, Seth Hood, Lonnie Hobday, Kaitlyn Inscoe, Joey Suite, Jason Penn, Emily Quade, Joseph Beard, Richard Inscoe, Ashley Stansell, Mackenzie Smith, Faith Lacey

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