Calvert County, MD – On Monday, Calvert County Democratic Central Committee Chair Jeanette Flaim condemned the latest billboard erected at the intersection of MD 4 and Bowie Shop Road.

“The obscene imagery and language displayed on this latest sign are deeply disturbing,” said Flaim. The billboard displays caricature-like images of President Biden and Vice President Harris on feces and includes expletives in its caption.

Posted on the FB Group Charles County Really Matters Credit: Crystal Harding

Flaim continued, “This does not reflect the values of our County, regardless of party. Our county is home to a myriad of families who must drive by this on their way from school or work. Our county welcomes visitors from far and wide. Parents should not have to explain something so vile to their small children. And it certainly shouldn’t be what our visitors remember us for.”

In January of 2018, the Calvert County Board of County Commissioners voted to allow signs with graphic language and imagery in certain town centers, including Huntingtown.

“I’m not sure this is what those Commissioners had in mind when they took that vote,” Flaim said. “It’s clear that this has gone too far. I encourage our current Commissioners to act swiftly to remedy this blight on our community. And the Calvert County Democratic Party calls on our friends with the Calvert GOP to join us in unequivocally condemning this sign and demanding its immediate

Submitted by Jeanette Flaim, Chair of the Calvert County Democratic Central Committee

UPDATE 5/4/2021: From the Calvert County Government Facebook Page:

There is discussion in Calvert County because of a provocative billboard situated on private property along Route 4 in Huntingtown. Citizens should be aware that Calvert County Government cannot regulate sign content based on the Supreme Court case decision Reed v. Town of Gilbert (2015).

The Calvert County local sign regulations are based on location, materials, and size, not verbiage. Regulating any content based on the Supreme Court decision would be illegal. (Under the First Amendment, a government, including a municipal government vested with state authority, has no power to restrict expression because of its message, its ideas, its subject matter, or its content. U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 1).

The Calvert County Board of County Commissioners adopted updated sign regulations Jan. 31, 2018, to Section 6-8 of the Calvert County Zoning Ordinance, which complies with the Supreme Court’s ruling.

Citizens are encouraged to review the updated sign regulations online at

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  1. After the way you vermin portrayed Trump and his family you REALLY HAVE THE NERVE TO CALLNTHIS OBSCENE????

  2. With all the vitriol Dems had for Trump for 4 years, I think we can leave this billboard up.

  3. Flaim says: “Kids are going to school, and they’re going by it every day…” So that sign isn’t alright but Critical Race Theory in schools is fine. Go away Flaim

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