Henry Meiser,

Leonardtown, MD- St. Mary’s Ryken rising junior, Henry Meiser, has earned a spot on the Maryland Center for School Safety (MCSS) 2021-22 Student Focus Group.

“This is a very impressive honor”, said Craig Meister, Communications and Engagement Manager for MCSS. “Many Maryland students applied, and only twenty-five students will serve on the MCSS Student Focus Group this year. Henry is actually one of only two Student Focus Group members who are returning from last year.”

“I am excited to return to the MCSS Student Focus Group for a second year, serving as the Co-Student Facilitator for the year,” said Henry. “To me, the group is a meaningful way to amplify the student voice across Maryland, and an avenue to advocate for the safety and security needs of students within the school setting.”

The MCSS Student Focus Group was created to ensure that Maryland students have the opportunity to provide feedback and recommendations regarding school safety issues that are relevant to them. Last year’s Student Focus Group members took part in Facebook/Instagram Lives on the topic of student stress/school safety, met with national and state experts in school safety, learned about school safety legislation and timely school safety-related topics, and helped MCSS develop new student and school engagement programming.

MCSS anticipates this year’s members will do the same and more. 

“In short, Henry Meiser’s ideas and efforts over the coming school year will directly affect school safety in Maryland this year and for years to come,” continued Mr. Meister. “This is why we often refer to all MCSS Student Focus Group members as changemakers!”

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