In the past few years, the demand for smartwatches has grown astronomically as the global shipment of these smart devices is set to hit a massive 190 million units by 2022. One of the reasons why this device has been trending is because it offers so much more than just telling the time, unlike the traditional wristwatch.

Today, smartwatches can also be considered a luxurious product as it is equipped with some of the most advanced technologies. We live in a tech-packed world and being surrounded by these smart devices is not surprising. That’s why it is important to purchase the best and most useful smartwatches in the market.

There are several types of smartwatches in the market that offer a plethora of amazing features that can be controlled on your wrist. These devices vary in size, design, style, color, operating systems, functions, and so much more. Among the many brands, Apple and Fitbit are the two most prominent smartwatches, this guide will help in how to choose between Apple and Fitbit.

Earlier smartwatches were only common amongst fitness enthusiasts as they allowed them to use these devices like a fitness watch. But today they are equipped with features that even work great when you are not in the gym.

Health-Related Features

The fitness feature is one of the most used features as it allows wearers to track their daily activities efficiently. The fitness tracking option includes a pedometer, heart rate monitor, sleep cycle monitor, SPO2, blood pressure monitors, and so on. The data gathered from these health features allow individuals to manage and track their progress in their fitness goals.

When it comes to fitness, you can even use your smartwatch to track the number of calories you consume. However, you may need to download a third-party app to make the most out of this benefit. So when buying a smartwatch consider this option as it may suit your needs.

You can also add these wellness apps to your smartphone that can help improve your healthy life. Keep in mind that all of them may not be compatible with your smartwatch so you can choose one accordingly or use your smartphone instead.

Alerts and Notifications

One of the reasons why smartwatches are popular is because of the alerts and notification feature. These alerts are often mirrored from your connected device to the wearable that allows you to view and reply to your notifications. Some smartwatches also work as standalone devices with cellular connectivity which allows you to manage calls and messages even without your smartphone.

Time-Related Features

When you talk about watches the first thing that comes to your mind is time and smartwatches are built with several time-related features that can improve your way of living. For instance, they are equipped with alarm clocks, reminders, stopwatches, timers, and so on that can be used in your everyday life.

It is important to note that you can rely on the vibrations and speakers on your smartwatch that alert the wearers for the set periods. People may use these features for their fitness activities, medicine reminders, general alarms, and even to increase their productivity at work by setting time-bound tasks.

GPS Tracking Feature

New generation watches are also built with GPS tracking features that can help you navigate different routes when running, jogging, cycling, or even driving a vehicle. Using a smartphone can be dangerous when driving so switching to a smartwatch is a great hack to avoid road accidents.

Remote Control

Today many of the high-end smartwatches allow wearers to remotely control different features from their wrist easily such as changing music, calling, sending messages, finding your car keys, and many smartphones features without actually using your phone. If that’s not enough, they also come with Alexa or Google Assistant which can be used just by giving a voice command.

Perfect Digital Companion

Smartwatches are excellent devices that offer several functions that you can practically use 24/7. They are small, portable, waterproof, and compatible with different smartphone operating systems. So if you are looking for some of the best smartwatches in the market, you will find everything you need about these amazing devices on Superwatches.

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