February 10, 2022, Waldorf, Md. – Recovery Centers of America (RCA), a healthcare network of substance use disorder treatment facilities on the East Coast and Midwest, announced today the availability of its Balance program at four of its locations: RCA Capital Region in Waldorf, Maryland, RCA at Lighthouse in Mays Landing, New Jersey, RCA at Devon in Devon, Pennsylvania and RCA at Danvers in Danvers, Massachusetts. Balance is a specialized treatment program tailored to individuals experiencing co-occurring primary substance use disorder (SUD) and secondary mental health disorders. RCA will offer the innovative program at additional locations in the coming months.

More than nine million Americans have received a dual diagnosis of SUD and one or more mental health disorders. The Balance program is designed for patients enrolled in RCA inpatient and outpatient treatment programs who have been diagnosed with at least one of the following co-occurring mental health disorders:

  • Major depressive disorder
  • Anxiety Disorder 
  • Bipolar, or manic depressive disorder  
  • ADHD
  • Significant history of interpersonal conflict/disrupted relationships 
  • Self-harm
  • Impulsivity
  • Borderline personality traits
  • History of trauma

By treating SUD and co-occurring mental health disorders together, patients can achieve optimal wellness as they embark on the path to sobriety. To address their needs, the Balance program uses dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT), a therapeutic approach that aims to equip patients with healthy coping skills – mindfulness, distress tolerance, interpersonal effectiveness and emotional regulation – to improve their mental health for better quality of life and overall well-being. There is no extra cost for RCA patients participating in the program.

“Patients with co-occurring disorders require an additional layer of care. Many times, we can’t treat SUD without first addressing the patient’s mental health disorder,” said Trish Caldwell, RCA Senior Vice President of Clinical programs. “Our team understands this connection between mental health and addiction. By following the Balance protocol, we can assess the dual-diagnosis patient at admission and start treating both disorders immediately using evidence-based methods.”

In addition to psychiatric care and medication management, patients in the Balance program also receive holistic treatment focused on mental, physical and spiritual enrichment, including meditation and mindfulness, wellness and nutrition coaching, yoga, 12-step immersion and family involvement, as well as support therapy centered on art and music. They will also seamlessly transition to RCA outpatient programs for continued recovery support with hybrid options. 

“Most patients who come to us with co-occurring disorders are not aware that there’s an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed as part of their recovery from substance use disorder,” said Domenica Personti, interim CEO. “We are thrilled to meet the growing demand for a specialized program with the introduction of Balance here at RCA Capital Region. Our clinical staff are trained and ready to deliver this higher level of care to the patients who need it.”

The Balance program’s treatment continues for up to four weeks of inpatient care. For patients participating in either the digital or in-person outpatient programs or a hybrid, treatment episodes generally run about six months, with an option to recommit for an additional six months.

RCA at Devon also offers evidence-based outpatient treatment for individuals suffering from mental health and/or eating disorders who do not suffer from SUD as well as for those who do have a co-occurring drug and alcohol addiction.   Upon completion of Balance or any other RCA program, patients will be considered a life member of the RCA Alumni Association, with continuous support, and an invitation to participate in social and educational programs to assist graduates on their recovery journey. Additionally, RCA alumni will participate in an online community through the new Shoutout™ app which offers connection, content, and support

To learn more about the Balance program, visit here

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