Many people want pets, but can’t afford to care for them. This is one reason why snakes are so popular: they don’t need much tending to after their initial purchase and setup. Before deciding that a snake is a right pet for you, there are some things that you should consider first.

1. Which type of snake you can get

There are many kinds of snakes out there, but not all of them make good pets. Some can carry diseases dangerous to humans, and some just won’t do well in an indoor environment. The best type for a pet is a ball python. They stay relatively small (about 3 feet long), so they don’t require the huge enclosures the Anaconda would need if purchased as a pet. They also don’t come into contact with humans often enough to pose any danger to someone handling them. Other good snake pet choices include corn snakes and king snakes. Each comes in a variety of colors and can live well inside your home provided you provide an appropriately sized enclosure and heat source. Also, you may be confused about which type of snake to get, remember there is a lot of information online, so you can educate yourself about these different kinds of snakes and their requirements. This will help you make the right decision.

2. How big they get

As mentioned above, ball pythons typically only grow to about 3 feet in length, but there are other species that can reach up to 13 feet. These are not pets for someone with a small home or apartment, because these snakes will require an enclosure about the size of your bedroom. You should also be prepared for the fact that snakes can live well over 10 years, so you’ll need to care for it long-term. Also, remember that some people have allergic reactions to the snake’s saliva and skin, so you may have this problem if you don’t do research before getting a snake as your pet. Many people who are allergic to cats or dogs can still have a snake in their home, but ask your doctor before you buy one. Still, make sure you have enough room for your new, long-living pet.

3. How to find a pet store that sells snakes

Most large cities have at least one place where you can purchase your snake, but there are smaller towns where you might be out of luck. It’s important to go into this with the mindset that they likely won’t have anything in stock when you arrive for the first time, and it might take several attempts before you actually bring something home. Do not lose hope! The more people looking for a snake in your area, the better chance they’ll get stocked at local shops. Also, keep in mind that not all pet stores deal exclusively in reptiles, most will only keep feeder mice and crickets, which are not appropriate snake food. Ask around for the best pet store in your area to find one that also has a supply of live fish or rodents. Even though snakes can live for well over 10 years, they don’t eat much and aren’t very expensive to feed. They also like variety in their diet, since rodents can carry disease and parasites, you should switch up your snake’s meals every few weeks.

4. How to handle a snake

Even if you’ve done your research, it can still be intimidating to hold a snake. Before buying one, you should ask someone who has experience with snakes how they get ready before holding them. The process of handling a snake is very specific, and there’s more to it than just picking your pet up and cradling it in your arms. First, you need to let the snake get used to ambient noise and activity around him or her, then gently place one hand under their body and another near their head while supporting his or her weight off the ground. Then you can pick them up slowly and move them from the enclosure to your lap. Remember that the last thing you want to do when holding a snake is making sudden movements or loud noises because this will make them nervous and stressed out, which could lead to you getting bitten. Also remember that snakes can and will shed their skin, which is perfectly normal. Make sure there’s a container of clean water close by for the snake to drink or soak in after it molts its old skin.

Not a lot of people know how to take care of a snake, and these simple tips will be able to help you in your journey. They’re relatively easy pets to own when you do your research beforehand so you know what to expect. If you don’t want to care for a snake, then do not buy one. Try looking into other exotic pet options that require less of a commitment on your part. They can be rewarding pets, but they aren’t for everyone. Good luck!

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