ST. MARY’S CITY, MD – The Seahawks hosted the No. 11 Messiah Falcons in a non-conference contest Thursday afternoon at JLR Stadium. The Seahawks and Falcons went toe to toe with each other, battling until the final minute where Messiah tied the game at 15 to take the Seahawks into overtime. St. Mary’s dug deep to come out victorious in their home opener. 

How it Happened

  • The Falcons took a quick lead over the Seahawks, scoring three points before St. Mary’s attacker, Colin Horton, was able to break through to put the first point on the board. Horton scored with just 1:37 left in the first period. Lucy Gussio made it a one point game for the Hawks, recording her 14th goal of the season with 14.1 seconds left on the clock. (2-3).
  • The Seahawks turned the tables on the Falcons in the second quarter, taking a two point lead into half time. Colin Horton, Lucy Gussio, Nancy Slaughter and Jayne Barkman each recorded at least one goal in the second quarter. St. Mary’s defense held strong against the Falcons, holding them to just two goals for the period with Maddie Clemmer coming up with five saves. (7-5).
  • St. Mary’s went on an offensive surge in the third quarter, recording seven goals in the 15 minutes of play. Colin Horton and Kelly Emge each notched two points for the Seahawks. Jayne Barkman, Hailey Betch and Nancy Slaughter all secured another point each to put St. Mary’s up (14-8) before Messiah was able to sneak past the Seahawks in the final second of the period to make it (14-9). 
  • The Falcons came back with vengeance in the fourth quarter, going on a five point streak to tie the game at 14. With 4:17 remaining in play, Lucy Gussio ripped a shot into the back of the net to put the Seahawks up by one point. St. Mary’s blocked out Messiah as long as they could, but with 50 seconds remaining in play the Falcons managed to score, taking the match into overtime (15-15).
  • Both teams battled in the opening three minutes of overtime, denying any chance to capitalize on goal. With 2:14 left in the first overtime, MC Mortimer saw her chance and bounced her shot past Messiah’s goalkeeper to lift the Seahawks to victory. The game-winning goal was Mortimer’s first and only goal for the match, bringing her total to six goals for the season (16-15).
MC Mortimer vs. Catholic University Credit: Bill Wood / St. Mary's College of Maryland

Inside the Box Score

  • Maddie Clemmer recorded a season high of 11 saves in today’s victory. Messiah fired 35 shots over the 5 periods of play. 
  • The Seahawks are now 1-1 against Messiah, having only played them once before back in 2012. St. Mary’s lost to the Falcons in their first matchup (3-16).
  • Colin Horton led the Seahawks in scoring today, recording five goals to put her season total at 11 goals. 
  • Messiah had 20 turnovers in the match with eight of them caused by St. Mary’s. Stephanie Heffron tallied four caused turnovers for the Seahawks.  

Up Next

The Seahawks will stay at JLR Stadium to host Haverford on March 12th. The non-conference matchup is slated to start at 1 PM. 

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