Are you looking for a professional real estate agent to sell a house fast in Maryland? However, given how many agents there are doing business in your area, you can feel overwhelmed by all options. You want an agent who will sell your house quickly and offer excellent customer service. But how do you find that perfect agent? Interestingly, there is a new trend of going hyperlocal, which you could capitalize on to get the right price for your property in no time at all. This post will discuss the existing state of the Maryland housing market, what hyperlocal means, and how you can use this type of relator to your advantage.

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Current State Of The Maryland Housing Market

Before getting into too much detail about the post’s main subject, it is worth looking at the current housing market in The Old Line state to get a more complete picture. According to data from February, the current median price for a home in the US was just over $357,000. The median price in Maryland was $361,000 putting it in the median range of prices nationwide.

However, the cost of buying a house is also increasing 8.5% year-over-year, indicating that this price could rise even further, which is excellent news if you aren’t in a hurry. Even if you need to sell your home fast, you should still be able to get a decent return as long as you live in the right area. According to some data, the most in-demand metro areas include:

  • Maryland City
  • Ilchester
  • Bel Air North
  • Columbia
  • Ballenger Creek

Furthermore, over 44% of Maryland properties sold above the asking price with a median of 30 days on the market. These numbers indicate a robust property market and that it is firmly in seller market territory. That is partly thanks to rising demand coupled with an 8.8% drop in houses coming to the market year-on-year. However, it could also be due to another factor; hyperlocal real estate agents who have intimate knowledge of very specific areas in the state and use Bright MLS listing alerts to connect buyers and sellers quickly. This allows buyers and sellers to take advantage of local expertise to get what they need at a price fair for everyone involved in the process. The question is, what does hyperlocal mean, and how does it apply to estate agents?

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What Is A “Hyperlocal” Guide?

Hyperlocal is a term that has been used in the context of location-based services and media. Hyperlocal websites provide information about the local community, such as schools, business listings, crime reports, and other relevant news. The term was first used to describe local television programming in 1991 and since then has expanded to include everything from community-based projects to real estate. A hyperlocal real estate agent is an agent that specializes in a specific city, usually within a mile or two of where they live. They are often more familiar with the quirks and idiosyncrasies of the area and can help you find what you’re looking for.

They have an advantage over other agents because they know the area like the back of their hand and can offer more personalized service for potential buyers. Furthermore, they can join real estate associations relevant to their community, increasing their network and ability to generate leads.

Who Are Hyperlocal Realtors And Why Are They So Popular?

While many hyperlocal real estate agents will contain themselves to a city or district, others will specialize in larger geographical regions like the North or South, capturing more business. However, the larger the area, the less “hyperlocal” they become. Hyperlocal real estate agents are a new trend that has been growing in popularity over the past few years. It’s because of the increased demand for localized services, as well as the rise in online marketing channels, that allow agents to reach out more quickly to potential clients. As mentioned previously, a hyperlocal realtor is a real estate agent that specializes in a particular neighborhood. They know the ins and outs of their community and are able to provide more personalized service to their customers. Some of the benefits of using a hyperlocal realtor include:

  • More personalized service: As a result of being from the same area as you, it is more likely that you will develop the all-important rapport required to get your property on the market and sold as soon as possible. It also means that they will know their buyers better, creating a more conducive environment for all.
  • A better understanding of neighborhoods: By understanding their local area, they will be better positioned to recommend things to both the buyer and seller that could expedite the process.
  • Greater knowledge about schools, transportation, and amenities: These are all factors that affect the sale price, and by knowing what is available, they can bring the right customer to your home.
  • They have a more extensive but relevant network of local buyers: A network is vital for a realtor to succeed. By containing their network to a specific location, they are far more likely to match the right people together.
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How Can You Find A Hyperlocal Real Estate Agent?

The best way to find an agent is by asking friends and family for recommendations. If they don’t have any, then you can visit the real estate office in your area and ask them if they have a referral network. These days you can also use the internet and social media to search and screen options that might suit your requirements.


Facebook is one of the best places to begin your search. You can join a variety of local property groups and check who advertises their services. Once you have assembled a list of agents that you think fit your criteria, you can begin to contact them and see what they have to offer.


This option isn’t as useful as Facebook because its search features aren’t as sophisticated. Nevertheless, it is worth checking out because you never know what you might find. Moreover, because Instagram appeals to younger audiences, you might discover an agent who has access to first-time buyers looking to get on the property ladder.

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Web Search

A basic web search could be all you need to find professional agents in your local area. The best thing to do is make your search query as specific as possible. For instance, if you live in Severna Park, you might search for: “local real estate agents in Severna Park” or something along those lines.

Try The Old Fashioned Way!

Although the internet has pervaded people’s lives more than ever before, old-fashioned ways still exist and could offer different opportunities. Just as Instagram opens up possibilities for first-time buyers, the old ways could provide you with agents specializing in senior citizens looking to move.

Tips For Preparing Your Home For Sale

Some people are intimidated by the idea of preparing their home for sale, but it is essential if you want the right price. From increasing the curb appeal to performing any necessary repairs, there are many ways to make your house more appealing to buyers.

Identify Any Necessary Repairs

If you are planning to sell your home, it is essential that you identify any necessary repairs before putting it on the market. This will help you negotiate with the buyer and ensure that you are not underselling your property.

Declutter And Depersonalize

One of the first things you should do before putting your house on the market is to declutter and depersonalize it. You need to make sure that the house is clutter-free and devoid of personal items. This will give potential buyers a clear picture of what they can expect from your home if they decide to purchase it. Decluttering is the easiest part as it involves tidying things away to provide a better sense of space. Depersonalization, however, can be more difficult, especially if you still live there. Nevertheless, this will help prospective buyers visualize themselves living there, giving you a higher chance of a successful sale.

Increase The Curb Appeal

It is essential to prepare your home for the market, especially in Maryland, which is already filled with beautiful homes. Curb appeal is the first impression of your home that a passerby gets. It is usually the yard and front porch, but it can also be the exterior paint color and trim, landscaping, and other features like lighting. Some people think that curb appeal is a superficial thing to care about. But it’s not just about how your property looks; it’s about how you want potential buyers to perceive your property. When you improve your exterior, you are increasing the chances that someone will stop in front of your house instead of driving past it.

Now that you know the benefits of using a hyperlocal real estate agent, it’s time to find someone who can help you. Choosing an agent with local knowledge can make the difference between selling your home quickly and receiving an offer or lingering on the market for months, so use the tips in this post to find one who can facilitate a speedy and profitable sale.

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