Momi’s Kitchen

  • 11705 Mall Circle
  • Waldorf, MD
  • 301-645-3301

Every time I pass the former-Lone Star Steakhouse, I think about how nice it would be to have a new restaurant in that building. Great news…it’s here, it’s happened! Even better news…the food is delicious!

Think about working as a chef for 26 years in a restaurant in Montgomery County, Maryland, and dreaming about someday opening your own restaurant. This dream has come true for Mustafa (Momi) and Marwa (his wife).

The food is the fresh, healthy, and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant has been remodeled and repaired inside and out. After sitting empty for almost 13 years, it was in very bad shape. I was happy to see how nice, light, and spacious the inside is now. There is plenty of seating available for dining.

The food is ordered at the counter, where you get to pick the meat and toppings. We ordered Shawarma (seasoned beef and lamb) and Chicken Kabob (prepared fresh on the grill). As the chicken cooked, we chose our toppings (salads), and when the meat was done, it was placed on top. The Shawarma had tomato salad, cabbage salad, onion salad, and corn. It was all topped with a drizzle of Tahini (ground sesame seeds). The toppings for the Chicken Kabob were rice, grilled vegetables, and corn.

We were able to sample some of the pickles (cauliflower, carrots, cucumber, and lemon), Tabouli (parsley, tomatoes, lemon, and bulger wheat), and hummus (chickpea and sesame dip), and Falafel (deep-fried ground chickpea balls). We also took home a beautiful piece of Baklava for dessert.

The food is amazing! Everything was so fresh tasting. If asked, I would be hard-pressed to pick a favorite. However, the Shawarma is so tasty and might just edge out the other items. The Chicken Kabab was cooked perfectly and was very tender. The Falafel was unbelievable! It was crisp outside, and the Tahini sauce added to its deliciousness.

Marwa and Momi were so nice and friendly. It’s very exciting for them. They have put so much work into bringing their wonderful food to our area. They even did a lot of the manual labor (getting the building ready) themselves.

If you want something for the kids, they have a kid’s menu available. They also offer a stir fry meal which is prepared to order.

Newly opened, they are still working out the kinks. The night I went, the point of sale system was down, and they could only take cash. Luckily, I had enough cash because the prices are reasonable. They will have the system up and running soon.

Momi’s Kitchen is one of my new favorite restaurants! It gives a great option for delicious, healthy food in the Waldorf area. I plan to go back often!

Momi’s Kitchen hours:

  • Monday through Saturday – 11:00 am to 9:00 pm
  • Sunday – 11:00am to 7:00pm

Momi’s Kitchen Facebook page:

Momi’s Kitchen website:

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