Losing weight can be difficult for some people, regardless of how much they exercise or how strict their diet is. What’s even more frustrating is that these individuals make up a huge target market for supplement manufacturers. Many commonly fall prey to fitness and weight loss supplements that are essentially worthless.

There’s no shortage of products that promise tremendous results without further attention to your diet or exercise routine. However, most of us are aware that results are rarely achieved without effort, and most of these “miracle” products could be avoided by just exercising some top health fundamentals.

If you follow the natural-health supplement market, you’ve probably heard about MATCHA Slim, a powdered matcha tea drink intended for use before meals. Our first problem with MATCHA Slim is it falls under the category of products we just mentioned . Click here to see other weight loss pills.

One of the major selling points is that there’s no reason to follow any dietary guidelines or restrictions or make any significant life changes to lose the weight you’ve always wanted. All that’s required of users is they drink the powdered matcha tea before each meal and watch the fat melt away.

Instantly, our snake oil salesman radar begins going off on a nuclear level, and in typical cases, these claims would be enough for us to pass on any further interaction with a product. However, because matcha tea does have properties that CAN provide significant weight loss results, we decided to investigate further in our MATCHA Slim write-up.

What Is MATCHA Slim Tea?

Matcha is a component derived from dried, stemmed, deveined, and ground-up green tea leaves. Once the crushing is complete, the result is a fine, bright green powder. MATCHA Slim packs come in resealable pouches with the powder ready for pouring.

The crushing process enhances the compounds found in the base components of green tea leaves, increasing the overall effectiveness of the product once it’s consumed. Honestly, one of the only reasons we decided to examine MATCHA Slim further was the rich green tea content that makes up much of the formula.

There’s no doubt about the weight-loss benefits of green tea – this is repeatedly proven by clinical research and green-tea related products. This weight-loss supplement has come packaged in multiple consumer products, including regular tea, powder, pills, and several other formulations. However, that doesn’t mean you should automatically buy MATCHA Slim.

As we mentioned before, this particular version is a powdered offering and one of the latest from Genius Rainbow, a well-known organic cosmetics organization. The name MATCHA comes from the state of the tea – and has been the moniker to describe ground-up green tea for quite some time.

The name goes back to the days of the 12th century Buddhists, who used green tea during ceremonies.

Does MATCHA Slim Work?

The makers claim that drinking MATCHA Slim provides significant benefits because of the superior brand of green tea leaves used to make their product. Higher levels of citric acid provide additional health elements and supposedly a better flavor. Drinking MATCHA Slim wasn’t exactly my cup of tea (pun intended), but I’m not a green tea fan at any level.

Manufacturers don’t just guarantee the quality of their green tea concentrate but also boldly guarantee significant weight loss. Guarantees of this kind can be dangerous, especially considering that everyone’s body reacts differently depending on the product consumed.

Most product reviews you come across provide favorable write-ups and testimonials, all urging you to buy MATCHA Slim. It’s going to take more than a few good MATCHA Slim reviews to change our minds

The makers of MATCHA Slim claim their product provides the following benefits:

·        Increased metabolism

·        Significant fat burn

·        Higher energy levels

·        Improved focus

·        More restful sleep

·        Lower cholesterol

·        Increased body strength and stamina

·        Better health in general

Should you buy MATCHA Slim? That all depends on the fuel behind the supplement. Whether the product delivers boils down to the most critical element of any weight loss supplement: What’s in the bottle?

MATCHA Slim Ingredients

The following list contains the active ingredients of MATCHA Slim:

Marshmallow Root

Marshmallow root remedies inflammation in the digestive system, protecting ulcers when you’re on a fast or decreasing your regular food intake. Furthermore, marshmallow root provides cleansing action for the kidneys and urinary tract system.

Matcha Green Tea Extract

This powerful antioxidant is heavy in catechins, which power the metabolism to burn fat at a higher rate. Additionally, green tea protects free-floating bad cells from attacking and damaging your body’s healthy cells. Like marshmallow root, green tea also provides a kidney and liver flush for the body. The specific green tea blend in this supplement contains L-theanine, which helps prevent shakiness and crashing.

Coleus Leaf

Coleus leaf is used in multiple supplements for several different reasons – in MATCHA; its primary objective is apparently to reduce blood pressure. There isn’t too much research behind this extract, and honestly, we’re not sure why it’s even in this blend.


Spirulina is a blue-green alga loaded with protein, copper, iron, B1, B2, B3, and omega-3s. You’ll also find antioxidants in the mix, and this combination of vitamins and minerals helps lower cholesterol and improve muscle strength. There isn’t enough in MATCHA to harness its full potential.


This ingredient blew our minds. The primary reason for combining the caffeine of green tea with l-theanine is to mitigate the chance of overdoing it with stimulants. Then they turn around and add the primary ingredient of Red Bull into the mix. This would be the equivalent of giving someone cholesterol medicine, then turning around and feeding them a pound of butter.  

When we discovered taurine to be one of the primary ingredients in MATCHA Slim, the first thing that crossed our minds was the presence of side effects.  Taurine on its own is enough to cause significant increases in heart rate and blood pressure. What about the overall combination of ingredients in MATCHA Slim?

MATCHA Slim Side Effects

MATCHA does have the potential to cause side effects in certain groups of people. Anyone suffering from anxiety or periods of elevated heart rate must exercise extreme caution or avoid MATCHA Slim altogether. However, most MATCHA Slim reviews won’t disclose this information.

Green tea contains a significant amount of caffeine. Besides the effects mentioned above, there’s also a good chance of prolonged use of a green-tea heavy product like MATCH Slim causing insomnia, restlessness, and possible dehydration.

Users may experience nausea, upset stomach, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach cramps when dehydration kicks in. Several detox kits focus on green tea to clean participating users’ bodies, so there’s no doubt about the diarrhetic effects of this herb.

MATCHA Slim Review Conclusion

Even after reading our review, it might seem like MATCHA Slim could be a halfway decent product. And to be honest with you, MATCHA Slim does provide some results for people trying to lose weight.

However, this is our problem with MATCHA Slim:

·        Only a couple of the ingredients are truly effective weight loss supplements. The rest have benefits in other areas and don’t belong in this formula, aren’t contained at high enough doses to provide help, or don’t have the clinical research to make them worthwhile. This leaves the culprits responsible for weight loss as the green tea and the coleus leaf.

·        One of these items is readily available at your local grocery store (organic health food store to obtain the higher quality green tea) and the other at the health food store.

·        All in all, you could obtain months’ worth of both ingredients for about $25. Seriously. Do a MATCHA Slim price comparison at $50 per bottle for a one-month supply, then add up how much green tea you can get for that same fifty-dollar bill. You’ll find out how expensive it gets to drink MATCHA Slim powder.

There’s no reason to spend $50 or more on MATCHA Slim when they’re selling you glorified green tea. We’re not kidding. Consuming MATCHA Slim is no different than buying generic matcha powder to lose weight. Unless you’re just a diehard fan of the taste of MATCHA Slim, you’d be much better served spending your hard-earned money elsewhere.

Luckily, we’ve got two solid products we believe lead the pack in the fitness nootropic category that helps you lose weight in a more researched manner.

MATCHA Slim Alternatives

These products are at the top of several of our lists and are much better options for weight loss and maintenance than MATCHA Slim.


ShredCBD is one of our favorite weight loss supplements on the market. This fantastic product takes a unique approach to weight loss, using CBD isolate and other powerful ingredients to eliminate fat.

Using ShredCBD regularly leads to effective fat loss and a buildup and protection of the muscles beneath, leaving you with that toned and sculpted look you’ve been chasing. Besides acting as a rapid calorie burner, ShredCBD also stops future fat gain, promotes restful sleep, and lowers stress levels.

So how exactly does a CBD product make it to the top of a weight loss supplement list?

How Does ShredCBD Produce Results?

ShredCBD is effective by manifesting the following actions and results:

·        CBD speeds up fat oxidation in the body.

·        CBD increases the total amount of energy burned by the body, which burns more calories.

·        Your body is prevented from additional weight gain by avoiding stored fat

·        The effect on the endocannabinoid system leads to more appetite control.

·        The overall reduction of stress and anxiety lead to more restful sleep and eliminates weight gain stopping you from stress eating

ShredCBD Ingredients

·        CBD – 1,200mg of 99% pure CBD contained in each bottle

·        Green tea extract

·        Garcinia Cambogia

ShredCBD boasts a small ingredient list – but we’ll take quality over quantity all day. If you’re ready for the next generation of weight loss products, head to the ShredCBD website and place your order immediately.

Fighter’s Core

Fighter’s Core is another potent weight loss supplement that uses a heavily researched formula that delivers precision results leading to rapid cutting. Fighter’s Core might be for you if you’re serious about maintaining your muscle gains while you participate in lightning-quick weight loss.

Users are reporting the following regarding Fighter’s Core:

·        Helps you lose fat while preserving muscle mass

·        Promotes healthier bones

·        Leads to much faster weight loss than most products

·        Increases energy levels

The powerful ingredients are what make Fighter’s Core a contender.

Fighter’s Core Ingredients

·        Caffeine for metabolism and fat burn

·        Forskolin for increases in lean muscle mass

·        Calcium HMB for faster recovery

·        Green tea extract for weight loss and inflammation reduction

·        Chromium Picolinate manages blood sugar

·        Capsimax is a trademark combo of black pepper and capsaicin. This combo breaks down fat long before you begin working out, allowing you to melt pounds off your body at will.

If you perform at high levels or commonly experience periods that require fast cutting without losing muscle, head to Fighter’s Core and grab your order.

Fighter’s Core is great for bodybuilders and competitive weightlifters. However, if you’re an average person who wants to maintain steady, manageable weight loss and keep the pounds away, ShredCBD is the cream of the crop.

The overall benefits for your general health combined with the weight loss elements make ShedCBD one of our top products of the year and certainly a more effective alternative to MATCHA Slim.

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